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AOL, Yahoo, Verizon, The Huffington Post – more than 25 media and technology brands including these will merge under a new unit called Oath this summer, as AOL CEO Tim Armstrong confirmed via Twitter on April 3.

What exactly is Oath?  Verizon plans to heavily-invest in Oath, and have AOL and Yahoo become sort of the ‘core’ of the unit.  AOL and Yahoo will remain AOL and Yahoo, but act underneath the Oath entity.  Basically, this is a rebranding strategy.  Telecom analyst Jeff Kagan states that “Verizon is transforming itself into a marketing company that uses its wireless assets to reach customers.”  The merger will give Verizon access to Yahoo’s users, of which 60% are mobile users.

Oath’s website states “someone snitched,” meaning the name was supposedly leaked.  The site also says their goal is to “build brands that people love.”  Now we just have to wait until summer for the true reveal.  Will you #TakeTheOath?


Use Twitter as a Learning Tool

Twitter logo

Depending on how you use it, Twitter can be an incredible time-waster or a useful resource.  Because you’re reading this blog, I assume you’re interested in learning about technology. Why not use Twitter as a tool to further your learning?

In this post, you’ll find a curated list of Twitter accounts that regularly share links to technology news, tips, tricks, and tutorials. Once you’ve chosen some accounts to follow, it’s a good idea to create Twitter lists so you can easily find the type of information that you need. Here are a few tweeters organized by category.  Read the rest of “Use Twitter as a Learning Tool” »

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter


Are you ready to jump into the world of social media? Do you have a parent, friend, or colleague who is looking into getting a Twitter account but doesn’t know where to start or what the heck to do? I’ve established a quick guide for those interested in diving in to Twitter that I hope can steer you on the path of becoming a Twitter expert.

Read the rest of “A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter” »

it2go Episode 41 – IT Training on Twitter

On this week’s episode we’re talking about our Twitter presence with our new Social Media Specialist Laura Reed!

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it2go – The IT Training Podcast

Social Media Protip: Filter Tweets Based on Source, Keyword, or Person Using TweetDeck

I caused quite the stir earlier today on my personal Twitter account when I announced:

Oh man... global filter in TweetDeck, why have I not discovered you before now! No updates from Foursquare OR Tumblr now!!

So I decided that I would share with you all. If you’ve been a long-time TweetDeck user like I have been, you may or may not have noticed the added feature called Global Filter. Read the rest of “Social Media Protip: Filter Tweets Based on Source, Keyword, or Person Using TweetDeck” »

Organize your Twitter space with new Lists feature

tweetsIf you have been using Twitter for a while, your Twitter Home page is probably becoming a blinding  jumble of unrelated messages. Because all your feeds pour into the same space, you need to do a lot of weeding to find what you want–that is, if you have the patience. Now, with the new Lists feature, Twitter allows you to categorize and filter tweets in any way you like. Just create and name one or more Lists and then assign people you are following to your various Lists.

Here’s how:

In your Twitter space, click the Profile link at the top of the page. Under your username, click the Lists  listsbutton button and choose New List. You can name your list anything, and make it Public or Private.

Once you have one or more lists, in the “Following” section on the right of your Profile, click the View All link. To the right of each of your followed usernames is a List button: listbutton  Click this button to see your lists, and then assign the selected username to a list.

Your Lists appear in the right section of your Home or Profile. Click a list to see only tweets that have been assigned to that list.

A Quick Guide to Twittering

New to Twitter? Did you just log in for the first time, and you feel your Twitter profile looks like a lonely wasteland? And seeing that, are you wondering what all the excitement is about? Here are a few tips to get up and running with Twitter, and to find just the right people and information. Your Twitter space will be home to you in no time.

Sending Tweets

  • – After you sign up for Twitter, just enter a message (maximum 140 characters) in the entry field at the top of your Home page. All who follow you will see your tweets. If no one is following you yet, send a little introduction message anyway just for practice. It will be there for people later.

Receiving Tweets

  • – Your Twitter space will be populated by the tweets of all the people you follow, so go out and find some Twitterers. See Finding Friends and Following Tweeple, below.

Finding Friends and Following Tweeple

  • – Having an avatar is helpful when people start following you; everyone wants to know with whom they’re speaking. Therefore, as soon as you can, add a picture of yourself or supply an image by which people can identify you. A bio is helpful, too. (See Making It Your Home, below.)
  • – To find friends or interesting individuals who twitter, click Find People at the top of your profile. Type in their names, or just try searching “New York Times,” “Library of Congresss,” “noaa,” “oceanexplorer,” or other entities of interest. This is a good way to find news sites and other topics as well. To receive all their tweets, click the Follow button.
  • – People you follow will receive a notice that you are following them, and in turn they will probably follow you.
  • – To find more people or sites to follow, see who THEY are following and follow the ones that interest you!
  • – To find celebrities, people, or categories of interest, go to
  • – If you know someone’s username, you can travel directly to their Twitter space by going to[username].
  • – If you don’t want certain people following you, it’s easy to Block them.

There’s more!

Read the rest of “A Quick Guide to Twittering” »

Using Twitter Effectively


“One could change the world with one hundred and forty characters.”


This article is intended to give people new to Twitter or people who don’t have a good understanding of the application’s capabilities a brief overview of why Twitter is powerful and how they might start using it themselves. It’s focused on companies/departments/groups for an Indiana University audience, but the information is applicable for everyone.

What is Twitter?

This might seem like a simple question to answer, but in reality, if you look at each of the following definitions, you will see that they’re all different.

  • Twitter’s Definition: “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”
  • Wikipedia’s Definition: “Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read each others’ updates, known as tweets.”
  • My Definition: Twitter is a technology that facilitates synaptic, asynchronous, and individualized communication between its users.

They’re all similar in one respect, communication. The truth is that Twitter is whatever you make of it. The service’s architecture is open-ended and loose allowing users to use Twitter for whatever purpose they desire. Whatever you put into the service by way of interaction will be returned.

Check out the rest of the post after the jump!
Read the rest of “Using Twitter Effectively” »

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