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Searching and Submitting Ideas to Tableau

Idea Bubble One of the great things about Tableau is the support provided to its user community, from their extensive product support to their wide array of training resources. Another great resource they make available is the Ideas Tableau support community, a space that allows Tableau users to submit new ideas and search existing submissions. The Ideas space also provides its user community the opportunity to upvote a submission. And since submissions can be reviewed and commented on by others, it’s also a good resource to find possible existing solutions related to your idea.

Tableau makes it easy to search existing submissions. A great feature of the Ideas space is the provided Tableau visualization, allowing users to search existing ideas and view them as marks with responsive tooltips and select URL actions that open the respective idea submission. Using the text search, date, and status quick filters in the viz, you can quickly locate existing ideas submitted by the community. The space also provides a link to view all submissions, a Top Ideas visual, a Recent Ideas section, and some useful articles related to submitting ideas to Tableau.

Tableau has incorporated many of these submitted ideas in prior releases. In fact, in my prior blog post (A Quick Look at Tableau Desktop 9.2) I commented on how the enhanced functionality to move the Totals display was an Idea favorite. Check out this article to learn how submissions from the Ideas support community are evaluated for possible release. So the next time you have a great idea for Tableau, make sure to visit their Ideas community support page.

A Quick Look at Tableau Desktop 9.2

Recently, Tableau released Desktop version 9.2, complete with new features, functional enhancements, and support updates. Below, I’ve organized by topic some of my favorites updates from the release (click here for the Tableau 9.2 overview page):


  • Mapbox is now integrated with Tableau Desktop, allowing Mapbox subscribers to add preset or custom maps to their Tableau visualizations.
  • Map Options (under Maps in the toolbar) now provides the author with user interactivity options, allowing or restricting map zoom, pan, map search, and map toolbar user controls. The Map Layers control now opens up the pane that contains map background, map layers, and data layer options.


  • An Ideas favorite of the Tableau Support Community, grand totals can now be displayed at the top or left of the view.

Data Source Page:

  • Sorting columns by fields (or by fields per table) is now available in the preview data source or the manage metadata views in the Data Source page. Row sort is also now available in data source grid.
  • New to the Data Source page is the familiar Create Calculated Field feature, using existing fields in the data source to create additional columns (for example, when you want to combine multiple columns into one).

Data Pane:

  • Renaming a field in the Data pane is now made even easier by a simple press and hold mouse click on the dimension or measure name.
  • You can change the data type of a field by clicking on its current icon to the left of the field name.
  • The sections within the Data pane are now dynamically sized to avoid vertical scrolling (where possible).

Marks Card:

  • Label on the Marks Card now provides the option to match the label color to the mark color (very handy!).
  • Also added to Label is the option to only label the most recent marks when time or date data is included in the view.


  • Calculated fields that aggregate data are now able to be placed on the filters shelf. For example, a calculated field that uses IF/THEN logic based on an AVG aggregate may now be added as a filter option, allowing you to filter on the condition statement(s).
  • MAX and MIN have been added as available aggregations for use with Boolean fields.

Tableau Mobile:

In addition to Desktop 9.2, Tableau has also released Table Mobile version 9.2.0, which now includes support for the iPhone (in addition to the iPad). Check out some of the iOS app features for Tableau here.

Finally, you may be interested in some of the support releases within 9.2; check those out here. And, if you’ve downloaded Tableau Desktop 9.2 already, you can also view a complete list of new features under What’s New in Tableau Desktop by clicking on Help -> Open Help within the application itself.

Get free Tableau training from Pluralsight and

Are you using Tableau Desktop? Or do you want to, but don’t know where to begin? There are a lot of Tableau training videos and articles available. It may seem overwhelming. That’s where IT Training comes in to make it easier to learn Tableau.

IT Training has a Tableau Training Resources web page that organizes the many learning materials from the Tableau web site, Pluralsight,, and other online areas. Our Tableau Training Resources points you in the right direction in how to get the Tableau Desktop software, highlights the new user training videos, and includes links to using Tableau at IU and additional Tableau resources.

If you are looking for specific Tableau learning topics, see our Tableau Self-Study Syllabus web page. It categorizes the Tableau learning videos based on big data analysis themes (e.g., preparing your data, connecting to your data, visualizing your data with charts and maps, analyzing your data, authoring dashboards, and much more!).

Tableau Experience in Indianapolis, April 24

Join us for The Tableau Experience in Indianapolis and transform the way you think about data. Mark your calendar and learn how you can make an impact with data in your department and beyond. All are welcome!

Indianapolis | 24 April, 2014 | 2:00 – 5:30PM EDT

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