SQL Programming

Learn SQL and get paid

Attend a workshop on how to use SQL for data retrieval and earn a $25 gift card when you participate in an upcoming UITS study designed to evaluate IT Training instructional events. Join us Thursday, March 24th, 2016 Choose one of the following sessions: Register for 8am – noon or Register for 1 – 5pm… Read more »

Using SQL: Data Retrieval in Self-Study Mode

This article contains information about how to configure your personal computer to use these materials at your own pace. All you will need is access to the internet. First, let’s launch Aqua Data Studio. We will be using IUAnyWare. Follow the instructions here to get logged in and the Citrix Client installed. Once you are… Read more »

Windows: Install and Configure WAMP for PHP Development

The Apache web server software application, MySQL database, and PHP interpreter are separate modules that work together to allow for testing of a dynamic PHP web site. Windows has none of these modules built-in, and so they must all be installed. While you could install them separately, it is easiest to download and install them… Read more »

PHP Workshops: Install and Use PHP Locally

To develop database-driven PHP applications, we need three things, the Apache web server, the PHP processor, and MySQL. This tutorial will walk you through all of the installation and setup that you need to do on your own machine to have a local instance of a Apache/MySQL/PHP (AMP) environment. The instructions below will walk you… Read more »

Macintosh OS: Install and Configure MAMP for PHP Development

If you are planning on developing PHP applications on Mac OS X, you’re in luck! Most of the tools come built-in to the operating system; all we need to do is activate them. This tutorial is written for the most recent (at time of writing) version of Mac OS X, 10.8 Lion. The instructions listed… Read more »

How To Retrieve Top (n) Rows from a Database

In SQL:Data Retrieval, one of the topics we cover is how to write a database query to answer questions like, “How many students were enrolled each term in Biology 101 from 1997-2008” or “What is the average salary for the employees who work in the Marketing department?” These types of questions can be answered by… Read more »