Coming Soon, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

Have you heard? Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 will be released soon. If you are like me, you are just getting used to the changes that came with CS5. What could Adobe possibly do to make us want to upgrade again so quickly?  While many of the new features in CS5.5 are simply small tweaks, probably the… Read more »

Alas poor Soundbooth, I knew him Horatio…

Creative Suite 5.5 is coming, and with it we have lost one of my favorite little programs: Soundbooth. Soundbooth is an audio recording and editing software package, optimized for use with video, and Adobe is not including it in CS5.5, and seems to be ending development on the program. But it’s not all bad news,… Read more »

Soundbooth is a lot of fun…Come see for yourself!

On October 26th at IU Bloomington, and October 29th at IUPUI, IT Training & Education will debut a new Adobe Soundbooth workshop. Soundbooth is an application that can record and edit sound.  It’s a very versatile application that can open video files and add sound directly to them as well.  In the workshop, we’ll cover… Read more »

IT Training Live Soundbooth – Recorded Presentation

If you missed yesterday’s IT Training Live presentation, never fear!  It has been recorded and is available for viewing now. IT Training Live – Soundbooth: The Basics April 6th, 2010 Soundbooth is a sound recording and editing program that is designed to be used with video. In this presentation, you will learn how to record… Read more »

IT Training Live – Adobe Soundbooth CS4 – April 6th, 9am-10:30am

On April 6th at 9am, join me online as I give an introduction to Adobe Soundbooth CS4.  This light weight application allows us to perform many common audio tasks.  Unlike other applications in this category however, Soundbooth allows us to directly edit the audio tracks from video files.  This lets us complete more complex tasks… Read more »

Sound Effects for everyone in Soundbooth CS4

One of the most challenging aspects of being creative is finding all the assets that one needs to put together an impressive project.  Some are easier than others.  If you need a picture of a tree in your project, you probably have a camera, and a tree nearby to get the job done.  If you… Read more »

Enhancing Sound in Soundbooth CS4

Recently, while working on a project, I had need of a creepy bit of music.  I didn’t have an orchestra at my disposal, and I’m not a composer, so I used what I had:  a couple of acoustic and electric guitars, a little bit of creativity and Soundbooth.  With that, I came up with my… Read more »