12 Free Courses from Adobe KnowHow

I just got an email from Adobe KnowHow about free courses available on popular programming languages.  When I went to investigate, I discovered that Adobe KnowHow is a learning platform providing training on various Adobe programs. While most of the courses on KnowHow are not free, there are 12 courses, including the Try an Hour… Read more »

Decorate a Tree with Code

Did you noticed the Made with Code link on Google yesterday? If you didn’t take a look, you are missing out on a really cool project. Google has partnered with the National Park Foundation to allow you to design lights for a Christmas tree. The best part is that you get to pick a tree in the President’s Park outside the… Read more »

it2go Episode 64 – Programming Workshops

On this week’s episode, we’re discussing our various programming workshops. it2go – The IT Training Podcast Follow us on Twitter Like Us on Facebook Add us on iTunes

Windows: Install and Configure WAMP for PHP Development

The Apache web server software application, MySQL database, and PHP interpreter are separate modules that work together to allow for testing of a dynamic PHP web site. Windows has none of these modules built-in, and so they must all be installed. While you could install them separately, it is easiest to download and install them… Read more »

PHP Workshops: Install and Use PHP Locally

To develop database-driven PHP applications, we need three things, the Apache web server, the PHP processor, and MySQL. This tutorial will walk you through all of the installation and setup that you need to do on your own machine to have a local instance of a Apache/MySQL/PHP (AMP) environment. The instructions below will walk you… Read more »

Macintosh OS: Install and Configure MAMP for PHP Development

If you are planning on developing PHP applications on Mac OS X, you’re in luck! Most of the tools come built-in to the operating system; all we need to do is activate them. This tutorial is written for the most recent (at time of writing) version of Mac OS X, 10.8 Lion. The instructions listed… Read more »

Running Python Scripts from Notepad++

While there is nothing wrong with writing and executing python code in IDLE, python’s bundled integrated development environment, sometimes you might prefer to write in a more standard editor. This article demonstrates how to set up Notepad++ to load and run your python document into the python interpreter with the flick of a custom keystroke…. Read more »

The Green Bar of Go: Creating Contextual Structure Using XSLT

Publish Message Sent Successfully One of the questions that I get asked a lot while teaching the Cascade Server: Site Managers workshop is how to control how hyperlinks are displayed, i.e. using a different style than the default for the current page’s link. In today’s installment of The Green Bar of Go, we will be… Read more »

How To Retrieve Top (n) Rows from a Database

In SQL:Data Retrieval, one of the topics we cover is how to write a database query to answer questions like, “How many students were enrolled each term in Biology 101 from 1997-2008” or “What is the average salary for the employees who work in the Marketing department?” These types of questions can be answered by… Read more »