Don’t wait in the cold – use DoubleMap

When the wind chill goes below zero, getting from one end of campus to another can be downright brutal. You might think of taking an on-campus shuttle bus, but sometimes standing still and waiting in the cold is worse than walking. Ah, but you don’t have to stand in the cold – at both IUPUI… Read more »

12 Free Courses from Adobe KnowHow

I just got an email from Adobe KnowHow about free courses available on popular programming languages.  When I went to investigate, I discovered that Adobe KnowHow is a learning platform providing training on various Adobe programs. While most of the courses on KnowHow are not free, there are 12 courses, including the Try an Hour… Read more »

Is Smartphone Test Driving Smart?

A while ago, I ran a short series of tips on how to simplify your tech life. One of those tips was to pilot products–hardware or software–when you can, to see if it’s a fit before you commit. Samsung agrees with that approach. The company recently introduced an “Ultimate Test Drive” promotion to allow iPhone… Read more »

6 Facts about Charging

Every day we hear another myth about charging your device. Should you let it die completely? Does turning off Bluetooth really save your battery? Or, my personal favorite, can I put my phone in the freezer to extend it’s life? When it comes to charging any device at all there are many different facts and… Read more »