Getting Started

Start Building your Tech Skills Now

Life at IU is easier when you’re tech savvy. That’s where IT Training comes in. We’re offering workshops and webinars in August and September, so you can start taking advantage of the tech resources available to you before the semester gets too hectic. Here’s what we’ve got in store: Essential Resources Technology Resources for Students… Read more »

QR Codes: A guide for beginners

Slowly but surely QR codes are starting to appear everywhere. I’ve found them on promotional flyers, advertising stickers, business cards, and even in the classroom. But I realize that a lot of my peers still don’t understand quite exactly what they are or how to use them. These funky, pixelated graphics can seem a little intimidating,… Read more »

next.iu decision: IU chooses Canvas

To keep Oncourse, or not to keep Oncourse, that was the question… …and now we have an answer. Over the next two years, Indiana University will be transitioning away from Oncourse as our learning management system (or LMS, for those who like acronyms and abbreviations), in favor of a new LMS called Canvas. Canvas is… Read more »

Learn With Andy #1 – Teambox

In technology training, one of the most important and time-consuming parts of the process is staying current on technology. In this video series, I will be showing you what I go through when learning a new technology. Sometimes we’ll be looking at a software program I’ve worked with very little and need to learn, other… Read more »

Get Connected 2012

For some of us, a computer is everything. It’s your repository for every major achievement of your life, your gateway to much larger world for news and interacting with friends and family, some next door and some on the other side of the world.  It’s your amazing tool for being productive when deadlines approach or… Read more »

Oncourse is your new best friend

Oncourse, the open source learning management system that is used by IU, was created right here – and is constantly being revised, tweaked, and improved.  (Technically Oncourse is our version of Sakai).  Oncourse provides a place for collaboration and learning for faculty and students. Every course taught at IU automatically gets an Oncourse site. The… Read more »

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 User Interface

The Adobe Premiere Pro user interface can be intimidating for those just getting started with this application. While UITS IT Training & Education at Indiana University offers a fantastic STEPS workshop that will teach you how to create professional looking movies with this video editing package, participants who have never used an Adobe application before… Read more »

Computing in the Cloud: Risks and Rewards

What Is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing has burst onto the computer technology scene like a fast-moving cold weather front. Essentially, “cloud computing” refers to a new concept and delivery model rather than a specific program or platform. Traditionally, when you wanted to achieve a task on your computer such as filling out a spreadsheet or… Read more »

No-Thinking File Synching for Free! *

* Well, up to 2 gigs of space for free For a moment, think of your worst nightmare. The imagery that rouses you out of a slumber with teeth clenched, clutching the bedcovers. No, not the bad dream where you find yourself at your high school reunion standing on the stage wearing only a cereal… Read more »

What is UniCom?

UniCom is a new way to communicate at IU. UniCom provides telephony, email, instant messaging, audio and video conferencing that you can access from almost anywhere. Microsoft Office Communicator and Live Meeting are the main applications you use. Any member of the IU community can join up! To learn more, see the video.