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Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 is Here!

The Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 What's New website. Click to go!

The day we have all been waiting for has arrived!


Yesterday, Adobe started rolling out their updated version of Creative Cloud, Adobe CC 2015. This update brings with it many enhancements for the core Adobe applications. If you’re already using Creative Cloud, simply launch the Creative Cloud application (from the system tray on Windows or the notifications area on Mac) and you should be able to update any or all of the applications.

Some of my favorite updates include:

  • Artboards in Photoshop
  • Auto-save in Illustrator
  • Bootstrap and Emmet integration in Dreamweaver
  • Faster zooming and scrolling in InDesign

You can read more about the update by visiting the following resources on Adobe’s website:

If you’d rather watch a video, you can watch videos from the following playlist:

Over the next several months, IT Training staff will be busy updating our in person and online workshop materials to teach the Adobe CC 2015 applications. Check back in the fall semester to sign up for our course offerings!

Developing Departmental Websites at Indiana University

Learning paths road sign.Congratulations! You made it! If you’re here, that can mean any number of things, but most likely you have inherited a departmental web site and are going to redesign it or you have been newly hired and are responsible for redesigning the department’s site. Where do you begin?

If this sounds overwhelming, then you are in the right place. My goal, by the end of this post, is to help you understand the landscape for departmental and group web pages at the university and describe some resources to help you along your way.

Before we jump into the specifics, let’s get a quick overview of what this post contains.

  1. The IU Brand – find out how to make your site conform to the visual identity that has been established for IU.
  2. Plan Ahead and Prepare – Not just a part of Leave No Trace, but also a crucial phase in web design and development. Understand the problem fully before you begin building a solution.
  3. Build, build, build – Put your planning to good use while putting together all the pieces of your site.
  4. Publish, Document, and Maintain – Once you have a design, it’s time to publish it, create help documentation, and then maintain and grow the site through the future.

The process is not linear, nor does it have a finite ending point. Instead, the process looks something more like this:

Plan, build, maintain, repeat.

After your planning phase, you build. Once built, you maintain. While maintaining, you build new features, etc. There will come a point when you need to break out of the Maintain-Build loop back to the planning phase. As you can see from the diagram above, there really is no end to the web design process, only changes of phase.

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Adobe CS Quick Tip: Customized Keyboard Shortcuts

I just recently downloaded a new app for my iPad called Actions, so I’ve been working on configuring it for the applications that I use often. Throughout this process, I’ve been searching applications for keyboard shortcuts for commands and buttons that I use often so I can decide whether or not I want to map it to an Actions button. While setting up my Dreamweaver shortcuts, I realized that a lot of the tools I use already have shortcuts, but some of them (like Save All) don’t.

After a little bit of digging, I discovered that Adobe CS applications allow you to customize the keyboard shortcuts that come standard in the application. I thought I would pass along the info to you all as well. I checked out Dreamweaver, InDesign, Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator and the following will work for all of them.

To edit the keyboard shortcuts in an Adobe application, in the Menu Bar, click Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts…. You’ll see the following dialog box:

Dreamweaver Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box.

Dreamweaver Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box.

From here, you simply find the command you want to add or change a shortcut for in the Commands section, then click in the Press Key text box, press the keyboard shortcut you want to assign, then click Change. If you’re adding your first shortcut, you’ll have to save a copy of the default keyboard set, but the application will warn you if needed.

That’s all there is to it. If you are curious, here’s what I was working on setting up using Actions for Dreamweaver:

Actions Dreamweaver Shortcuts

My Actions setup for Dreamweaver.

Now that I’ve got that configured, I’ll be exploring how Actions can help my productivity in other applications. I expect I’ll write a post about Actions in the near future, so stay tuned.

See Adobe CS5 Design and Web apps early

On Friday, April 30th, from 12-1:30pm, I will be giving a presentation on some of the new features in CS5 applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash. You’ll also get a first look at Flash Catalyst, and how it integrates with Illustrator.

You can attend in person on the IUB campus at the Kelley School, room CG1014 or on the IUPUI campus, in ICTC room IT497.

You can find an online link to the presentation here:

Hope to see you there.

Extending STEPS with — Adobe Flash CS4

As you know, Adobe Flash is a robust platform for creating web and desktop applications as well as simple animations. IT Training & Education currently offers three workshops focused on Flash:

While these workshops give you a great foundation in Adobe Flash, there are many, many topics that aren’t covered in-depth. can be used to fill in and augment the topics in these workshops. From now until December 20th, IU community members get FREE access to As of this writing, offers 10 courses in Flash CS4 and 7 courses in ActionScript 3.0. Remember that the Flash platform isn’t limited to the Adobe Flash software. In addition to the Flash specific courses, offers 4 courses on Adobe Air and 10 courses in Flex. That’s 31 courses about or relating to the Flash platform. To simplify things, this article will focus only on the courses related to the Flash application as well as ActionScript 3.0.

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Extra Content for Adobe CS4 applications from IU Ware

When installing the CS4 applications available from IUWare, you might have missed some important additional content that is also available.  In this post, we’ll explore what is available in these Extra Content installers, and which items should be considered essential. If you have purchased the disc version of Design Premium, this extra content will be available on the Content disc.

First of all, let’s find out where to get this Extra Content.  It is available from IU Ware at the following address:

NOTE: You should have any CS4 applications you wish you use installed before downloading and installing these files.  Fonts in these packages can be installed without installing CS4 applications.

Here you can download all of the Extra Content that is available. It is separated by program, but we will see shortly, that some of the files inside are duplicated.  First, let’s list what programs have Extra Content available, and what can be downloaded.

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I’ve got CS4…now what?

With the announcement that IU had acquired free Adobe software for all of it’s employees and students, your first thought was probably “How do I get it?” Now that we’ve all had a couple of months to get the software downloaded and installed, you’re likely thinking now: “What do I do with all of this stuff?”

Adobe is one of the largest software companies in the world, and while most people are familiar with their core apps, like Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash, there are many applications included in the suite that you might not be familiar with. In this post, we’ll take some time to examine all the different applications that you can install with the various Adobe suites. We will focus on the applications in Design Premium CS4 and Production Premium CS4. There are many add-ons and extra technology included in the installers, but we will look only at the applications included.

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