Adobe CS Quick Tip: Customized Keyboard Shortcuts

I just recently downloaded a new app for my iPad called Actions, so I’ve been working on configuring it for the applications that I use often. Throughout this process, I’ve been searching applications for keyboard shortcuts for commands and buttons that I use often so I can decide whether or not I want to map… Read more »

Fireworks: Effectively Designing for Online Recording

This is the recorded presentation of Fireworks: Effectively Designing for Online, which was presented on May 20th.  Also included in this post is a zip file of the final files we created, including the website, and the fireworks png so that you can work with the files on your own if you choose. Fireworks Final… Read more »

I’ve got CS4…now what?

With the announcement that IU had acquired free Adobe software for all of it’s employees and students, your first thought was probably “How do I get it?” Now that we’ve all had a couple of months to get the software downloaded and installed, you’re likely thinking now: “What do I do with all of this… Read more »