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Audacity’s Envelope tool makes you a DJ

I recently had the chance to invite friends and family to a celebration, and as I was planning the event I decided I wanted music – both for ambiance, and for dancing – but I really don’t like hiring a DJ for these things. Aside from wanting to save money (which was a factor, of course), I’m not very fond of the emcee role that most DJs naturally take on. So I set about creating my own playlists for my iPod touch.

The playlist idea was shaping up nicely until I learned that my iPod touch, being 4th generation (I mentioned being careful about money, right?), did not have a very important feature: the ability to crossfade tracks. This is one thing that a DJ really helps with – getting rid of the pauses that come between songs. Some of those can be mitigated by going into the track info in iTunes and choosing specific start and end times for each song (very useful for songs that have ginormous gaps at one end or the other), but it doesn’t have that smooth transition that makes it sound professional.  Read the rest of “Audacity’s Envelope tool makes you a DJ” »

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