Authorizing Cloud Storage

Title image that says "Authorizing Cloud Storage," and has the logos for box, dropbox, googledrive, and onedrive

Technology is meant to make your life easier. But if you’re not using it properly, it can become a real hassle. Are you fed up with logging in to your Box account just to download a file on your computer or upload your homework that you just completed? Don’t worry, so are we–and we’ve got the solution for you!

You can connect your Box, GoogleDrive, DropBox, and OneDrive accounts to the STC machines around campus, the thin clients, and your IUAnyWare account. By connect, I mean, basically you can start seeing your documents on your computer under the “This PC” tab. You account remembers who you are, what your passwords are, and pulls the files down onto your computer for you! It’s brilliant.

Connecting my computer to my cloud storage accounts made retrieving my files so much easier. Now that mine are connected, I never put a file anywhere else other than the cloud. I do this so I don’t lose anything, and I always have what I need.

The first step is to get a Box account. If you don’t use yours (what are you even doing?!), then you should start here:! After logging in with your IU credentials you are good to go.

A screenshot of

After that, it’s simple. Go to, and log in. After logging in you have the opportunity to choose your favorite storage options for use with virtual applications and lab computers on campus. Authorize as many or as few as you’d like–and it’s that easy! You’re good to go.

Now, whenever you are on an IU machine or using IUAnyWare on your device you will have access to your files that you are storing in the cloud. Cool, huh? Comment below and let me know what your favorite cloud application is!

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