Greg is an IT Training instructor/developer. He has been helping all levels of computers users work more efficiently and effectively for over 25 years. He has taught graduate, undergraduate, and non-credit courses for Indiana University and the public for the past 20 years.

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Cross-Platform Keyboard Shortcuts in Office 2016

The good news for MacOS users is that support for cross-platform keyboard shortcuts in Office 2016 has dramatically improved; potential downsides include the cross-platform shortcuts are PC-centric, and may interfere with some default Mac OS key assignments you may be accustomed to using (e.g., switching between desktops, or Show Desktop). You can also make the… Read more »

Hurry up with your Canvas migration. It is easy!

Oncourse becomes retired on August 30, 2016. If you haven’t moved your Oncourse data by then, you may be making much more work for yourself than you need to. The Canvas Migration Tool should be used by February 2017. Best feature about the migration tool is that it puts a copy of your migrated data… Read more »

Which version of Office are you using?

While it may seem like a very basic question, knowing which version of an Office application you are using is becoming much more important. The core Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) are available on multiple platforms now, and an application’s feature set may vary now not just by version, but also by platform…. Read more »

Where did that {Office app} feature go?

As Microsoft Office applications are made available on more and more devices and platforms, some of the things you may actually do with them can vary. Sometimes wildly. It’s a good thing that Microsoft shows what we may be able to use (or not). For their flagship Office applications, these Microsoft Support site articles provide… Read more »

“We need to remove some older apps” error during Office 2016 installation

So you’re very keen to install and use the new Office 2016 suite on your PC? Please be certain to take a few moments before you do that, so you won’t unexpectedly see the error “We need to remove some older apps”: Are you running any of the following standalone Office 2013 applications?

Going Paperless: Annotating & Commenting PDFs

This is part of a series of articles that will appear over the next few months as part of the Go Paperless initiative at Indiana University. Adobe Acrobat permits you to treat a PDF document as you normally would a paper document, even using the actions of active reading strategies (such as SQ3R): highlighting, underlining,… Read more »

Cloud spreadsheets — not ready for statistics?

More of our computing lives are shifting to “the cloud” — organizations are seeing some costs savings, users are seeing more convenience, collaboration, and mobility advantages. But the shift may not be for everyone, yet. For instance, folks who are trying to do statistics using cloud-based spreadsheets — Google Docs, Excel Web App, Zoho Sheet… Read more »

Updated iOS app for

Based on the most recent statistics, the training offerings appear to be rather popular with the IU community. And they have made another change recently that is likely to only make it easier for those who use an iOS-based device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) to get to their fine work… The app… Read more »

You want fries with that MacRibbon?

So it’s official now, a ribbon is coming to the upcoming Office for Mac 2011. This ribbon will combine features located in the Formatting Palette and the Elements Gallery. But don’t freak out, because the menu bar and the standard toolbar will still exist. Wanna catch a glimpse of the new interface? See the rest… Read more »