Meeting online with Adobe Connect

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Adobe Connect Meeting gives Indiana University students, faculty, and staff a means to meet, collaborative, and teach online! Have you ever tried to meet with a group at the library and it’s just too packed? Instead, try meeting on the web from your homes! Adobe Connect is a web conferencing software that allows for collaboration and provides a virtual environment for sharing presentations, images, and desktop applications with remote participants. It also offers audio and video conferencing, text chat, a digital whiteboard, and polling. All you need is a web browser with Flash plug-in and an Internet connection!


So, this is how you do it!

A host creates the meeting.

Only one person within your group needs to host an Adobe Connect meeting. They will log in to with their IU credentials. After this all the host needs to do is select the button that says “Create new: MEETING.”

The host will be prompted to name the meeting. For example, you could name it, “i211 Group” or “Marketing Technology Club.” The next step is to create a custom URL–this needs to be something that can be remembered by the rest of the team. Other important information will follow this, including start time and duration, language, access information and some audio settings.

A screenshot of after a user has logged in

The host shares the URL.

Next, the host will need to give the rest of the team access to the connect meeting. By shooting everyone an email or making a public note in class, the URL can be shared with all of the necessary participants. Once in the meeting, the host can broadcast audio and video, share a computer screen or presentation, and text chat with attendees.

The URL can be used on desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. The Adobe Connect Mobile app is a great way to join meetings on mobile devices and allows nearly all of the same interactions as the desktop application. To learn more about the Adobe Connect Mobile app click here.


And it’s really that simple. This amazing application can make collaborating with a team so much easier! Comment below and let me know how you plan on using Adobe Connect. Oh and, don’t forget to share this article if you found it helpful.

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