eLearning with Captivate 6

Adobe Captivate 6 is eLearning authoring software, and broadly speaking, eLearning is learning online or via some electronic device.  It’s a different experience than you would have sitting in a classroom and taking notes as a lecturer gives you information.  For some, the experience is better, and for others, it’s worse.  Whatever you think of it, it’s here, so why not get involved?  Here’s an  infographic  to give  you some insight about the trend in online education in the United States. It’s trending upward! Recently, IU announced a major new online learning initiative called IU Online.  Check out the press release to learn more.

So, back to Captivate 6. IU students, faculty, and staff can download it from IUware free of charge. You can’t beat that! Captivate 6 gives you features like:

  • Rapid eLearning content development
  • More effective collaboration
  • Interactive eLearning experiences
  • Rich multimedia to attract learners
  • Easy quizzing
  • Delivery virtually anywhere
  • Scoring, tracking, and reporting

You’re itching to learn all about this cool tool aren’t you? Luckily, IT Training has a Captivate 6: The Basics workshop planned.  It’s an online workshop (imagine that), scheduled for Tuesday, December 4th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. In the meantime, go ahead and download Captivate 6 and start playing around with it. You can also find Captivate 6 training on lynda.com.

If you’re an educator you may be called upon to create some online learning content, so learn how to do it and impress your boss.  If you’re a student you can surely use Captivate to put together some pretty nifty class projects. There’s something for everyone, so start learning today.


Captivate 6 opening screen
Captivate 6 opening screen


  1. Laura Reed

    I’ve never heard of MMB. I will say, that for full motion recording, I like Camtasia a lot better than Captivate. It all depends on your comfort level and the nature of your project. At IU we have free access to Captivate, so that’s a pretty good reason for us to use it.

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