Replacing Pages in a PDF with Acrobat Pro

In a standard workflow, PDF creation generally comes at the end of the process.  But what happens if you have a last minute change after the PDF has already been created and edited with special features like links, multimedia, and form fields?  Re-creating the PDF from scratch means doing all that work again, and the Touchup Text tool can only replace and remove small mistakes, not big ones.

Luckily, in Acrobat, we have the Replace Pages feature.  This allows us to select a page, or range of pages to replace with a page or set of pages from another document.  This is incredibly useful, because it allows us to make larger changes without remaking the entire PDF.

The best part about replacing pages though, is that it retains all of your special features, like Links.  You might have to move them around in the new document, but pressing and dragging is much better than completely replacing.

Let’s see how to do this now.

  • Launch Acrobat 9, and open the PDF document that you wish to use to Replace pages.

We also need to make sure that we know the exact page numbers for the pages we wish to replace in our PDF, as well as the correct page numbers from the document that will be used for replacement.

For example, imagine we had a 20 page document, and we only need to replace pages 10 and 11 of our PDF with pages 3 and 4 of our replacement document.  Acrobat will ask us for this information at the end of the process, so be sure you know it.

  • To replace pages, from the menu bar, Click Document, then Click Replace Pages

Acrobat will display a dialog box asking us to select a file to use to replace pages. By default, this dialog box will only show us PDF documents, but we can use any type of document that can be made into a PDF.

  • To see other file types, in the Files of Type field, Click the drop down arrow, and then Click the File Type you wish to use.

Now we can see the correct file type. If the file type is not listed, you will likely have to create the PDF from the source application, using the PDF printer. (In the source application, Click File->Print, and then select ‘Adobe PDF’ as your printer)

  • To open the file, navigate to it, and Double-Click the file

Acrobat will take a moment to create a PDF from the document you selected if it isn’t already a PDF.

The Replace Pages dialog box appears:
Replace Pages Dialog Box

We now need to select the pages from both documents that we wish to replace.

  • Set the numbers for the replacement, and then Click OK
  • To confirm the replacement, Click Yes

The pages are replaced, and you can then go about moving any special features that were added.

With this method, we can easily replace pages in a PDF document without going to the trouble of recreating the entire document.

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  1. Julie Fry

    Thank you Andy! This information should come in handy in our C& I department in the School of Education. We scan and create many PDFs.
    Julie Fry

  2. Christy Cole


    This information could not have come a better time. I was dreading making some small changes to a 58-page document that is filled with links, bookmarks and destinations. It never occured to me to just replace the pages that have changes. Now, I can’t wait to try it!!!!

    Thank you,
    Christy Cole
    Academic Affairs

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