Software at IU – a quick overview

One of the perks of being an IU student, faculty, or staff member is having access to low-cost and no-cost software. This quick post will give you a rundown of what’s available.


Let’s start with IUware. Go to the IUware website to download software to your computer. The site will detect what operating system you’re using and take you to the appropriate page. Software is available for PC, Mac, and Linux. Browse software titles by category or use the search box to find what you need. When you’ve found your software, follow the download instructions. You’ll be prompted to enter your IU username and passphrase if you’re not already logged into the Central Authentication System (CAS). Some software requires a product key. You can find keys to products you’ve downloaded by clicking the Keys and Licenses link at the top of the page.


Use IUanyWare, IU’s client virtualization (CV) service, to run IU-licensed software applications via your web browser. There’s no need to install the software on your computer! You can also stream applications from IUanyWare to your mobile device. Read this IU Knowledge Base (KB) document to learn how to use IUanyWare on any of your devices.

Citrix receiver screen shot

Student Technology Centers (STCs)

IU’s Student Technology Centers provide a full range of software titles. An STC is the place to go if you’re out and about on campus, or don’t have your own computer. You can find lists of software installed on PCs and Macs in the STCs in this KB doc.

One.IU, Canvas, and Cloud Storage

  • One.IU is your one-stop shop for university services. Go there to pay your bursar bill, check your grades, track a bus, manage your CampusAccess account and a lot more.
  • IU’s learning management system is Canvas. Your instructors will use it to do things like give assignments and quizzes, and post syllabuses and course readings.
  • Keep your files safe and accessible with IU’s Cloud Storage services like Box and Google Drive at IU.
One.iu screenshot

You’ve got a lot of software at your disposal, and you probably don’t know how to use all of it.  That’s where IT Training comes in.  Sign up for workshops or webinars, and download our materials for self-study. There’s no cost to IU students, faculty, and staff so you can learn as much as you want.

If you need information about technology accessibility, contact the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers (ATAC).

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