Microsoft Office 2010 is Here!

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus for Windows is now available for download to IU students, faculty and staff from IUware Online. For more information on Office 2010 at IU, you can visit the IU Knowledge Base at: Here you can get information about system requirements and installation as well as information regarding the 64-bit version (coming soon). You will also find other notes and links to relevant resources regarding Office 2010.

To find out more about important new features, click here:  What’s New in Microsoft Office 2010.


  1. Susan

    It is possible to upgrade from Office 2003 to Office 2010; you didn’t say what OS you are using, but if you are using XP, you will need SP3 installed and Vista will need SP1 installed before doing an upgrade. Be aware that any problems that exist in Office 2003 could most likely be prevalent in Office 2010 after the upgrade. You can search Microsoft’s web site at to get more information on machine requirements for Office 2010 and how to perform an upgrade.

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