Customizing the Ribbon in Microsoft Office

Recently I decided to investigate the Camera command in Excel 2010. It provides one possibility for capturing data from various spreadsheets and viewing it all in a single spreadsheet. But before I could play with the camera, I had to find it and display it. In my installation of Excel it was hidden by default.

Customizing the Ribbon is possible from the Options window. Go to the Excel (or other Office 2010 application) Options window by choosing the File tab and clicking Options near the bottom of its menu. At the left side of the Options window, choose the “Customize the Ribbon” category. In this window proceed as follows:

Customize Ribbon Options
Customize Ribbon Options


1. In the Choose commands from field, I clicked the drop down arrow and selected Commands Not in the Ribbon

2. In the list of commands that appeared, I chose Camera.

3. To organize where I wanted it to sit on the Ribbon, I clicked Insert in the window on the right because that is the Ribbon tab where I wanted to locate the command.

4. I then clicked the New Group button at the bottom of that window to create a new group for this command. A group called New Group (Custom) appeared in the list. With that New Group (Custom) item selected, I clicked the Rename button to give it the name of Camera.

With my newly-added Camera group showing in the list under the Insert category, I could then add a command to that group.

Still in the Options window, I followed these steps:

1. I made sure I had the new Camera group selected on the right.

2. I selected the Camera command in the Command list on the left.

3. I clicked the Add button between the two windows to move the command to the prepared location.

Camera Group Expanded
Expanded Camera Group in the list of groups on the Insert tab

In the right side of the window,  the new Camera group expanded shows the Camera command as the only command in the group.

4. To complete the customization, I clicked OK at the bottom of the Options window.

New Look Ribbon
Camera available on the Ribbon


Back in the spreadsheet, I wanted to be sure I could use the Camera command so I clicked the Insert tab to see how the new group and command were added:

Oh, and what am I doing with the Camera in Excel? Stay tuned for an upcoming blog and find out!


  1. Ganesh Maharjan

    Till now I’m not aware of this features of Ms-Office, I can Customize the Ribbon, wow..! it seems so good. I’ll customize the ribbon as my requirement, thanks for this tips..!

    • Veronica Mount

      The first graphic in the post is in the Options window which can be reached in any Office 2010 application by first clicking the File tab on the Ribbon and then, in the menu you see there, clicking Options. When the Options window opens, you should see, in its left menu, the choice of Customize Ribbon. Clicking that will bring you to the view in the post’s first graphic.

  2. Rob Eco

    Not only the ribbon, but the quick access toolbar can be customized and sits above or below the ribbon! The Paste Special always needs to be nearby for me! 🙂

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