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Screencasting: Five Simple Tips for Speeding Up Development

During the past year I have created over 60 screencasts for my department. I have used Captivate for the majority of these, but I have also used Camtasia, Articulate, and Adobe Presenter. Since I spend so much time working with these rapid development e-Learning tools, I have become familiar with the most common snafus and roadblocks associated with the development of screencasts, and I have become much faster and more efficient when working with these tools.

Below is a list of  5 simple tips that can be used with any of these programs.

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Episode 53 – Cloud Computing at IU

On this week’s episode we’re talking about some of the various cloud storage options at Indiana University.

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InDesign: quickly switch to another tool from the Type tool

Do you use keyboard shortcuts to activate tools in InDesign?

If so, you  know that just typing the letter that appears in parentheses when you hold the pointer over any tool (called the tool tip) works nicely — except if you are currently working with the Type tool. In that case, when you press any key you simply type the letter. This can be frustrating if you are trying to work quickly and efficiently.

To quickly switch to another tool when the type tool is active, press the Escape key and then type the letter of the tool you want to activate. If you want to switch to the Hand tool, press Alt with the h key.



The Spring 2013 Schedule is Online!

Our spring schedule is online with end-user workshops and webinars, EdCerts on advanced technical topics, and self-study workshop materials and training from and Microsoft.

New workshops and webinars are being offered on PHP, Muse, Edge Animate, Business Intelligence, Evernote, iMovie, CSS3, Parallel Programming, SharePoint Nintex, Canvas, Course Networking and more. EdCerts are being offering on multiple new topics as well!

All end-user workshops continue to be offered at no charge to students, faculty, and staff from all IU campuses. So take advantage and register for the training you want today!

Questions? Contact us!


IT Training Schedule page and picture of students in classroom

Access 2010: Using Option Groups in Forms

An option group can be helpful in making Access client forms more user friendly when entering numeric values or yes/no fields. Notice the drop-down list shown here with numeric values that represent various types of customers:

Drop-down before creating option group

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Excel 2010: Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Macros and Adding Macro Buttons

Do you find yourself forgetting keyboard shortcuts for your Excel macros?  When first recording a macro, you will have an opportunity in the Record Macro dialog box to specify a shortcut key for the macro. However, you may eventually forget the shortcut, or if you didn’t assign a shortcut key when you first recorded the macro, you may now like to assign one – or perhaps you have even decided to change the shortcut key to something different.

To view your macro shortcut keys, on the View tab of the Ribbon, click the Macros button, select your macro, and choose Options….  You will see the Macro Options dialog box:

dialog box for Macro Options

This dialog box shows the shortcut key.

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Looking for Templates in Word?

Do you need a calendar for 2013. Or maybe stationery for that Christmas letter that needs to get out soon. Word contains many templates that are easy to use.
To get to the templates, from the File tab, simply click on NEW:

File Menu from Word

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Excel: Word Wrap and Alignment Options in Cells

Sometimes a column heading in Excel seems about a mile wider than any of the entries below it in the column. In the graphic below, the Column D heading, Years With Company is 18 characters wide while all the entries below it will be only one or two characters. In many such cases the goal is to keep the column as narrow as possible. Let’s look at some techniques for positioning the text – using word wrap and alignment.

Wide Column Header

The text in cell D1 is much wider than that in other cells in column D

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Fun with Design in Photoshop


"IDEAS" We have the best!

When designing a logo or any kind of project, you may want to have several options to choose from or to work with. To that end, let’s see how to easily update our basic shapes with varying fonts or styles.

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Episode 52 – Upcoming Events at IT Training

On this week’s episode we’re talking about some upcoming events at IT Training, including some upcoming Microsoft Project workshops.

it2go – The IT Training Podcast

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