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it2go Episode 47 – New Adobe CS6 Workshops

On this week’s episode we’re covering some of our new Adobe CS6 workshops.

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it2go – The IT Training Podcast

Catch the recordings of the Tim Plumer Adobe presentations

IT Training recently hosted Tim Plumer, Senior Solutions Engineer from Adobe Systems Incorporated. Tim taught several sessions on many of the exciting features in the newest Adobe Creative Suite upgrade, CS6. All of the sessions were recorded so if you missed them, you still have a chance to see them!

Tim Plumer

Tim Plumer







You can view the recordings by following the links below:

  • Digital Publishing with CS6 will show you how Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesigncan help you create reports, class packets, proposals or portfolios for digital communications.
  • Acrobat for Accessibility teaches how to make your document accessible to your entire audience by creating a PDF, determining whether it is accessible, and addressing any accessibility problem.
  • Web Publishing with CS6 will show you how Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks can help you create an online and mobile experience for the browser or mobile app and beyond.

To learn more about Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications, take an IT Training Adobe workshop or explore the available self-paced courses on IU’s

service. Remember that all IT Training workshops and courses are available at no charge to IU students, staff and faculty!

Impress your professor with a multimedia presentation

You’re in class on the first day and the professor is going over the syllabus. There are readings, papers, quizzes; all of the usual stuff. She says that if you participate in class and turn in your assignments you’ll get a B.  Then she mentions the big end-of-semester project  that counts for 70 percent of your grade. If you do well on this, you’ll get an A. You hear this and say to youself, “I’d better get started on this right away!” Of course you do. You’re a go-getter.

You decide to make a list of things that would make your presentation stand out.

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Excel 2010: Exporting or Importing Data to Text Files

You may need to save Excel data in text files in order to be able to use the data in other programs or applications. There are several text file formats that are supported by Excel.  The two commonly used file formats are: delimited text files (.txt) in which tabs separate each field of text, or comma delimited files (.csv) in which commas separate each field. You can easily save Excel data into one of these formats or import these text formats into Excel. Remember, however, that formatting, graphics, and other objects will be lost when saving data in a text file.

Saving as a Comma Delimited File

We will illustrate how to save Excel columns as a comma delimited file. The original data might look something like this:

0000011111         Bill
0000022222         Susie
0000033333         John
0000044444         Mary

NOTE: To display preceding zeros in a column, you can go to the Format Cells dialog box and choose Custom. On the right-hand side, scroll up (if necessary) and click the single 0. In the Type field, enter as many zeros as required digits (in this example, the number of zeros would equal 10).

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Understanding Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple has made a lot of changes to the behavior of their keyboard shortcuts over the last several operating systems. In the days before Exposé, things were pretty straightforward; the function keys worked the same regardless of how the operating system was configured.

Today, with Mission Control and Exposé, things aren’t so easy. Apple keyboards now have fancy little icons on some of the F-keys, and by default, they don’t function like a windows F-key. This can be confusing and it makes it difficult for us to keep our materials accurate for Macintosh systems.

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it2go Episode 46 – Fall 2012 Class Schedule

On this week’s episode we’re covering what’s coming up in the Fall Semester. Sign up for classes now!

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it2go – The IT Training Podcast

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