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Oncourse Assignments: No more paper cuts!

A few years ago I made the decision to stop grading papers. This might come as a bit of a surprise to my Spanish students, as they still have to do homework and write research papers. What I really did was come to the conclusion that I was done with paper. I was spending way too much time trying to keep track of who had turned in which assignment, when they turned it in, whether or not I had handed it back or recorded the grade… and let’s face it, handwriting skills are not universally emphasized anymore. (Frankly, that goes for me, too – my poor students have had trouble for years deciphering my scrawl). I was done with it all. I went digital.

I became a very heavy user of Oncourse’s Assignments tool, in all of its incarnations. The current version has several features that have made my transition to purely digital assignments much easier. Read the rest of “Oncourse Assignments: No more paper cuts!” »

Moving Multiple Clips on the Timeline in Camtasia Studio 7

As a Senior Education Specialist for UITS IT Training at Indiana University, I use presentation tools and video editing applications almost daily. Because of this, it doesn’t usually take me very long to figure out how to perform a simple task in one of these applications. That is why I was so frustrated the other day when I couldn’t figure out how to select and move a large number of audio clips on my Camtasia timeline without pressing and dragging each one separately. Since the presentation I was working on had over 50 clips, it was going to require a lot of adjusting and I knew there had to be a better way.

When I need to do this in Adobe Premiere Pro, I simply select the Track Select Tool and then go to work. C’mon TechSmith… Give me a tool. I shouldn’t have to guess how to do such a common task!

After searching online for an answer, I realized there are lots of other users who agree with me. Consequently, I thought a nice, short blog post that answers this question would probably be appreciated. So here you are folks.

If you want to move multiple clips on a Camtasia Studio 7.0 timeline, press and hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, and then press and drag the left-most clip in the sequence (while the Shift key is still being held down). When you do this, the clip you are manipulating and all clips to the right of this clip will be moved.

Sounds easy, right? It is… Unless you don’t know how to do it.  (  :

it2go Episode 30 – Discussing the Spring 2012 Schedule

On this week’s episode we’re covering the Spring 2012 schedule and discussing the return of a popular workshop type.

it2go – The IT Training Podcast

Showing Motion Using the Blend Tool in Illustrator

This little tool can do big things in showing motion on paper!

First, create an object:

Read the rest of “Showing Motion Using the Blend Tool in Illustrator” »

it2go Episode 29 – New on The Blog

On this week’s episode we’re looking at all the newest information on our IT Training Tips Blog.

Episode 29 – New On The Blog

Why is content missing on some web sites when using IE9?

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 you may have run across web pages where only a background color is loading or pieces of content are missing. If you have been wondering why this is happening, the answer might be that you have the PostScript Type 1 font Helvetica installed on your computer.

IE9 has display issues when it tries to use this specific font. This is not the first issue that has been linked back to PostScript Type 1 fonts like Helvetica. We’ve previously detailed a problem Outlook 2010 has with this font (and other PostScript Type 1) fonts in the article Help! Outlook 2010 Keeps Freezing and then Restarting!

The extent of the problem depends on how Helvetica was used. The problem causes less significant issues if the font is only applied to parts of the site. On the other hand, if it’s applied to the whole page, then all of the content of the page just doesn’t appear. Read the rest of “Why is content missing on some web sites when using IE9?” »

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