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After Effects CS5 – Introducing the Roto Brush

One of the most impressive new features of the entire Adobe Creative Suite 5 is the Roto Brush.  The Roto Brush allows us to select an object in a video, and track it throughout the length of the video, separating it from the background.  This allows us to replace backgrounds, or isolate sections of the video for effects.

The ‘Roto’ in Roto Brush refers to Rotoscoping,which is a process used to separate objects or characters in a video from the background.  In the past, this process usually involved going frame by frame and creating a mask for each frame.  At a video standard 30 frames per second, this could take a very long time for almost any video.

With the new Roto Brush feature though, we can simply select the area we want to isolate and then After Effects will track it through the video, while we make minor adjustments to keep it on track.

In this video presentation, we will show you how to use the new feature and give some examples of how you might use the technology to your advantage.

After Effects CS5 – Introducing the Roto Brush

CS5 is now shipping, and it will be available to Indiana University students faculty and staff soon.

See Adobe CS5 Design and Web apps early

On Friday, April 30th, from 12-1:30pm, I will be giving a presentation on some of the new features in CS5 applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash. You’ll also get a first look at Flash Catalyst, and how it integrates with Illustrator.

You can attend in person on the IUB campus at the Kelley School, room CG1014 or on the IUPUI campus, in ICTC room IT497.

You can find an online link to the presentation here:

Hope to see you there.

Microsoft Office 2010 is Here!

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus for Windows is now available for download to IU students, faculty and staff from IUware Online. For more information on Office 2010 at IU, you can visit the IU Knowledge Base at: Here you can get information about system requirements and installation as well as information regarding the 64-bit version (coming soon). You will also find other notes and links to relevant resources regarding Office 2010.

To find out more about important new features, click here:  What’s New in Microsoft Office 2010.

Adobe CS5 Production Premium Preview Recording

Miss the CS5 Production Premium presentation on Friday, April 16th?  No worries, you can watch the entire presentation online at this URL:

Adobe CS5 Production Premium Preview

This presentation covered the new features and interactivity of Adobe Story, OnLocation, Premiere, Encore and After Effects CS5.

And don’t forget, on April 30th, we’ll be back discussing the Design and Web apps.  Keep an eye on the Web Community page for details.

Participate in Persistent Chat Rooms with UniCom Group Chat

Chat BallooonsDo you find your email inbox choked with many short messages pertaining to extended group discussions? By using IU UniCom’s Group Chat instead of email, you can avoid inbox congestion, gather messages all in one place, and keep them handy for as long as you want .

Group Chat is a part of the new UniCom version R2 suite available to the IU community through IUware. UniCom’s Group Chat is a Windows client that enables you to participate in multiparty, topic-based conversations that persist over time. Posts stay in the chat room after participants log out, so people from different locations  can participate without having to be online at the same time.  This way, Group Chat provides one place for all to see and participate in active conversations. Chat room members can keep many discussions open at a time, and can choose to be alerted when specified keywords come up in any chat room. With Group Chat, you can create a customized list of active discussions (a “My Chat dock”) that can be pinned to your desktop. Therefore, Group Chat enables you to do other things while still being ready to act on discussions pertinent to you. The Search feature allows you to find past discussions so you can review or keep up on issues. You can include documents and links in Group Chat discussions.

 Group Chat is available to the IU community, but to get a group chat room you must apply for it through an administrator. To request one, contact your local support provider (LSP). See more about Group Chat and getting an account at

See a demonstration video at

For more information about Group Chat, see Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Group Chat Getting Started Guide, at

Adobe CS5 Launches Today!

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for (well, some of us have). Adobe is announcing their newest software, Creative Suite 5! There will be a web seminar at 11am today here:

But you can get a preview of some of the new features right now here:

Also, keep an eye on this page for announcements about upcoming CS5 presentations at IU.

The Green Bar of Go: Hannon Hill Velocity Webinar

Publish Message Sent Successfully

Welcome to another edition of The Green Bar of Go Cascade Server column. Recently Hannon Hill hosted a webinar to introduce a different way of transforming XML to other configurations in Cascade Server, Velocity scripts. Velocity is a procedural language, so it might be easier for some to use than XSLT.

Check out the webinar here.

IU is upgrading to Adobe Connect 7.5 in May

NOTE: In this article, I discuss Adobe Connect (and other online collaboration solutions) available at IU. In order to get an account to use Connect at IU, you must be faculty or staff.

For those not in the know, Adobe Connect (or, as the official name goes, Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional) is a web browser-based online meeting and conferencing solution.  Adobe Connect, like competitors WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Microsoft’s Live Meeting, is a platform for real-time meetings, collaborative sessions, presentations, and demonstrations.

We are fortunate enough at IU to have several technology options that support collaboration from a distance: Oncourse, Unicom and Live Meeting, and Adobe Connect.  Sometimes, however, more choices means more confusion – especially in the computer realm! From my perspective, here are some reasons why you might want to choose Connect over another option: Read the rest of “IU is upgrading to Adobe Connect 7.5 in May” »

IT Training Live Soundbooth – Recorded Presentation

If you missed yesterday’s IT Training Live presentation, never fear!  It has been recorded and is available for viewing now.

IT Training Live – Soundbooth: The Basics April 6th, 2010

Soundbooth is a sound recording and editing program that is designed to be used with video. In this presentation, you will learn how to record and add special effects to audio, remove noise from an audio track, and get an overview of the built-in sound effects available for free through Soundbooth.

This session will cover:

  • Basic recording
  • Adding special effects to an audio track
  • Demonstration of how effects can be updated during live editing
  • How to remove noise from an audio track
  • How the freely available built-in sound effects can be used to create a composite audio background for a video

As an added bonus, here are the exercise files used during the presentation.

Exercise Files

And don’t forget, you can view all of our archived IT Training Live presentations on topics like Captivate, Lightroom, Windows 7 and more here:

IT Training Live Archived Sessions

With Unicom Meet Now You Can Invite Non-IU Participants

Using IU’s UniCom, you can easily generate a spontaneous conference call with one or more people at a time—including those without an IU username—and talk via audio* or instant messaging.  Meet Now can be used within a group of UniCom users, but it also allows non-IU participants and those away from their desks to join via web browser. While running Meet Now with Windows, you can even take advantage of desktop sharing. 

To initiate a Meet Now conference,

  1. Click the Office Communicator Menu button and click Meet Now.
    meet now drop down menu
  2. In the conversation window, click the drop-down arrow next to Invite.
  3. To bring someone directly into the conference, click Invite a Contact, or else Choose Invite by E-mail. The email option allows both IU and non-IU participants to join.

See a video demonstration at

For more information, see:
To learn how to use Unicom, see

*Note:  Although participants of Meet Now meetings generated by UniCom Mode 2 and 3 users can instruct the service to connect them via a local phone, attendees of meetings initiated by users of UniCom Basic can participate  by instant messaging only.  However, if you are a Basic user with an IU Exchange Outlook client, by using Schedule a Conference in Outlook, people who join your conferences via web may participate with phone-based audio. For more information, see

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