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IT Training Live – Adobe Soundbooth CS4 – April 6th, 9am-10:30am

On April 6th at 9am, join me online as I give an introduction to Adobe Soundbooth CS4.  This light weight application allows us to perform many common audio tasks.  Unlike other applications in this category however, Soundbooth allows us to directly edit the audio tracks from video files.  This lets us complete more complex tasks like sound removal, and soundtrack replacement and editing. It also integrates with Adobe Premiere and After Effects, making it an essential helper application in the Adobe Production Suite.

Soundbooth also utilizes Resource Central, which is a library of free-to-use sound effects provided by Adobe.  In this session, we’ll explore the basic and advanced features of Soundbooth, and spend some time being creative with the sound effects offered.  Here are two examples of how we might use these available sound effects.



If you’d like to learn more about how to create the soundtrack to these files, or are interested in sound recording and editing in general, join us on April 6th.  You can visit the IT Training Live website for more info, or to get an email reminder of the session and the meeting URL. This session will be given online, so you can view it from the comfort of your own desk.

And if you’re interested in video editing, IT Training has a whole week of training planned.  Starting with this online Soundbooth presentation, and continuing with our in-person Video Basics workshop on the 7th, our brand new in-person workshop on Adobe Premiere, on April 8th, and our in-person After Effects workshop on the 9th.

UniCom: Share your Desktop and Collaborate with Others

Would you like to help someone on a document or troubleshoot their computer from a distance, even if they are not at IU? If you have a UniCom account at IU, you can easily do so. 

Desktop sharing is a new feature offered in Office CommunicatorR2. Office Communicator is an application that allows you to communicate easily with others in different locations from your computer’s desktop using chat, voice, and video. The underlying system that drives its functionality is called Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS).  Until very recently, Unicom users needed to use a companion application called Live Meeting in order to share desktops. However, now sharing can be done straight from Communicator.

 Even those who are not in the IU network can join in the meeting and enjoy full functionality, although the session must be initiated by a person who has an IU Unicom account and is using Windows.  IU account-holders can use the Office Communicator console, and those who are away or not IU members can take full advantage by using a web-based interface that is designed to enable sharing on other platforms—PC, Macintosh or Linux. Note: At this time, Mac and Linux users can see desktop shares using Communicator Web Access (CWA), but cannot share their desktops with others.

For more information about getting an account and learning to use Unicom, see

 UniCom logo

Web Accessibility Made Easy: I wish I could SKIP to the good stuff

This entry in the “Web Accessibility Made Easy” series will discuss something that is easy and quick to implement and can benefit all users. It is Skip Navigation links.

Skip Navigation

Skip Navigation is a same page or anchored link that can either skip past the navigation of a web site or can be used to skip past any content to what would be considered the main content of the page.

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