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Video Workshops from IT Training

It seems like every device these days includes a video camera.  Cell phones, music players, laptops and more all include easy to use video cameras.  Along with this, consumer level cameras are becoming cheaper and more powerful all the time.  But what to do with all of that video?  Well IT Training is here to help.  Starting next week, we’ll begin teaching on video topics with the following workshops on 11/4 and 11/5:

Video Basics – An Overview of Tools and Resources – In this workshop, Donna Jones will discuss the basics of video, starting with a discussion of cameras, and what features to look for, and then using Windows Movie Maker to edit a short video.  While working on editing the video, the process of shooting a movie will be discussed, including setting up lighting, getting good quality audio, and setting up good shots.  Donna will also discuss some simple ways to make your production look more professional.

After Effects: Text Animation and Video Basics – Adobe After Effects is an animation program focused on video production which allows you to combine video and animations into a single project and then export it into many common video formats. In this workshop, Andy Hunsucker will guide you through the creation of a short movie trailer that combines text animation, video, and background music, along with some animations created entirely within After Effects.  Participants will get a chance to spend time working in the interface, and learn the basics of the animation system and the effects system.

See the workshop descriptions to sign up.  If you can’t make it next week, we’re doing a rerun on 11/17 and 11/18.  And don’t forget about the same workshops being held at IUPUI.

Award-winning IT Training video tutorials: “Oncourse: Reorder Tools” Feature Demo, and Videoconferencing with Tandberg

STL2009smYou can learn to use IU’s Oncourse Reorder Tools feature, or get training on how to conduct a Tandberg videoconference, by watching IU IT Training and Education’s award-winning tutorials.

In October IT Training & Education from Indiana University received awards for two training videos at the Fall ACM-SIGUCCS Conference in St. Louis, MO. ACM-SIGUCCS stands for The Association Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services; it is an international group of professionals involved in the support of information technology at institutions of higher education.

The communication awards were given in Category 3b: Electronic How-to Guides: . Click “Read the rest of this entry,” below, to see the tutorials.

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Keep teaching in times of high absenteeism or campus closure

laptopA flu epidemic or service outage due to weather can cause serious disruption of classes. IU has designed a new instructional resource to help instructors match their preferred teaching techniques with IU-supported technologies. The web site, structured around best practices of teaching, provides instructors with information about remote teaching and collaboration technologies, and supplies directions on where to get help from a consultant.
Check out the resources at:

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In InDesign, can I italicize a font that doesn’t offer italic as a choice?

Unlike MS Word, InDesign won’t let you “fake” a bold or italic style where the type itself doesn’t include a bold or italic font. It will allow you to slant characters, but designers consider that to be bad form. Discussion of terminology of typography may help you understand why.


When people speak of fonts, they are typically using the word inaccurately. Here’s the truth:


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Free Acrobat Training from IT Training and Adobe

On October 29th, IT Training & Education and Adobe will be offering three special Acrobat hands-on workshops taught by Steve Adler, an Acrobat Field Specialist from Adobe. These special workshops are being offered at no cost to IU students, faculty and staff, and are intended to complement our regular Acrobat workshop offerings and take you deeper into key features.

This is a rare opportunity to get in-depth hands-on Acrobat training direct from the source, on topics that aren’t normally covered in our IT Training & Education workshops. The workshops (with brief description and schedule information) are:

Enhanced ePortfolios Using Adobe Acrobat 9October 29th, 9-11am in Wells Library, rm. W302

Teaches how to organize and gather information from a variety of sources, collaborate and share documents in real-time, and collect and manage feedback in a single PDF document. Also shows how to include video, audio, interactivity and assessment in a single PDF wrapper.

Creating and Distributing Forms with Adobe Acrobat 9October 29th, 12:30-2:30pm in Kelly School of Business, rm. CG0030

Teaches how to use Acrobat 9 (and the included Adobe LiveCycle Designer) to convert existing forms into intelligent, interactive documents that reduce re-keying and errors; also shows how Acrobat’s workflows can improve distribution, data collection, and analysis.

Achieving Efficiencies in collaboration and instruction with Acrobat 9October 29th, 3-5pm in Kelly School of Business, rm. CG0030

Participants will learn how to use Acrobat as a collaboration tool. Acrobat allows users to both view a document remotely and comment on it at the same time. This workshop will focus on how to these features can be used by faculty and students in the classroom.

You can find full descriptions and register for each workshop by clicking the title of the workshop above, or you can visit to see all IT Training STEPS workshops in Acrobat and register for the ones of your choice. Please contact us with any questions, and we hope to see you there.

Videoconferencing at IU

What is videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing enables groups of people at different locations to see and hear each other at the same time. This technology allows users to conduct meetings, teach courses, and collaborate in real time at any distance. To participate in a group videoconference, you must be using videoconferencing hardware and software.

What videoconferencing resources are available at IU?

Indiana University faculty and staff can schedule any of the 228 videoconferencing systems located across IU campuses. Video calls from IU are not limited to IU campuses, however; calls can be made to locations around the world that have compatible videoconferencing systems.

IU maintains special pricing on the Tandberg MXP-series high-definition videoconferencing system. Therefore, this is the recommended and supported group videoconferencing system.

Where can I get training on the Tandberg videoconferencing system?

You can watch a video tutorial on the Tandberg videoconferencing system at IU, at:

Where can I get more information?

The IU Knowledge Base has information about videoconferencing at IU at:

Illustrator: Exploring the Pathfinder Panel

I was teaching an Illustrator class recently, and talking briefly about the Pathfinder panel:

Pathfinder Panel

I realized as I was discussing it, that many of these options are not as straightforward as the end-user might like. I promised the class I would go into more depth on our blog.

So in the following video, I will explore the Pathfinder panel, and demonstrate each of the buttons, so that we can see exactly what they all can accomplish.  Hopefully this will spark your creativity, and give you a better idea of the power of these simple buttons.

Illustrator: Exploring the Pathfinder Panel

Affordable Adobe Flex and ColdFusion Training in Bloomington

Registration’s now open, and a weekend of awesome hands-on training on Flex and ColdFusion is only 10 days away! This is, by far, the best deal you will encounter for this type of training. Small, hands-on sessions conducted by experts who also know how to teach. A great opportunity – don’t miss it!

Get More Info and Register!

Computing in the Cloud: Risks and Rewards

Head in the Clouds

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has burst onto the computer technology scene like a fast-moving cold weather front. Essentially, “cloud computing” refers to a new concept and delivery model rather than a specific program or platform. Traditionally, when you wanted to achieve a task on your computer such as filling out a spreadsheet or typing a letter, you’d purchase a piece of software at the store, install it, and then use it as long as you owned the computer. Cloud computing turns that notion on its head – the functionality is available via the Internet, not a program sitting on your computer. And, rather than buying a permanent license, cloud-computing services are usually offered according to a cafeteria model where you pay for only what you use when you use it. (And, unlike a real cafeteria, many cloud-based services are free). Cloud computing is now used for a lot more than just replicating the functionality of traditional desktop applications, too, including virtual server hosting, database processing, and lots of technical business operations.

What does Cloud Computing have to do with me?

Perhaps more than you realize! If you’ve ever used a service like Google Docs or Zoho, you’ve been working in the cloud. And even if you’re just using 3rd party applications, like Gmail and Facebook, many of the issues discussed here will apply to you, too. Read the rest of “Computing in the Cloud: Risks and Rewards” »

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