How to use Google like a pro

How to be a Google Search Pro

I would assume almost everyone reading this knows how to “Google,” but can you use Google to search like a Google pro? Today I’m going to share a few googling tips that will change the way you search, optimize what you find, and maximize the usability you get from the content you searched for. You can thank me later, because I’m totally going to save your day.

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Box: Access Files, Share and Collaborate from Anywhere

Box company logoHave you ever lost a USB flash drive? Do you need to collaborate with others on document creation? Do you need to share documents with a lot of people? Do you want to share a project’s assets with others but you don’t want them to be able to edit the files? Are you curious about the Box service at Indiana University?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then you will be interested in our Box: Access Files, Share and Collaborate from Anywhere presentation. In this webinar, we address the following topics:

  • What is Box?
  • How do I upload documents?
  • What is the difference between sharing and collaborating?
  • What are the best-practices for using Box?

Watch the Box webinar recording. Watch the Box webinar recording!

Watch the webinar to learn how to use Box to make collaboration and sharing with your colleagues easier and more productive!

People from all corners of the university are using Box to do some interesting things. Do you have an interesting use for Box? Let us know in the comments!

3 uses for your old Flash Drives


It’s the dawn of “The Cloud,” and you don’t want to be stuck behind in the stone age using crazy things called flash drives! But what do you do with all of those memory sticks you have laying around at home? Today I’ve got some awesome tips for just that!

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Adobe Connect for Online Presentations

Baby using a computerWhen it comes to Adobe Connect at IU, whether you’re starting at a beginner level (like the subject in the photo on the left) or you’re an advanced user, our recent webinar “Adobe Connect for Online Presentations” likely has some takeaways you can use.

View webinar recording. View the webinar recording for “Adobe Connect for Online Presentations.”

In this webinar, we covered:

  • Planning for a successful event
  • Creating an Adobe Connect meeting
  • Getting familiar with the Adobe Connect interface
  • Using pods and layouts effectively to strengthen your presentation
  • Managing events and content on

These links were shared during the webinar for additional information:

If you liked this webinar, you might also be interested in:

PowerPoint 2013: The Basics 
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Find and register for these events.

Drop us a line in the comments! What additional questions do you have after watching the recording? What do you wish was covered that we didn’t discuss?


How to organize your files


I’m sure this isn’t going to be the most advanced tip you have ever came across, but this new way of organization changed the way I manage my files. Today I’m going to show you how you can Photoshop, paint, PowerPoint, or whatever your favorite software is for creating simple block graphics in order to make your very own custom background.

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Creating Logos in Illustrator and Using Them in InDesign

In a recent workshop, I was asked why logos created in Illustrator look strange when the logo is resized inside InDesign. Here is a possible answer to this problem.

Let’s begin inside Illustrator and create our logo.

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Word’s Paste Options

In a recent IT Training workshop that I was teaching, a participant ask me what each of the options in the Paste button on the ribbon in Word meant. I knew the ones that I used, but didn’t know the others. So, I promised to research and get back with the information.

Here it is:


The paste button has an upper part and a lower part. Clicking on the upper part of the button does a simple past from the clipboard to wherever your cursor is in the document. Read the rest of “Word’s Paste Options” »

Presentation Do’s and Don’ts

Clipart of man with a bright idea.Click here for a recording of IT Training’s “Creating an Effective Presentation” by Kim Murday and Denise Brown for the January IUWIT (IU Women in Information Technology) meeting.

In this talk, we covered things like:

  • Use of fonts, colors & backgrounds
  • When to use “bells & whistles”
  • How and when to use graphics, and where to find them
  • Other tips for presenters

For a PDF version of our PowerPoint slides, click HERE.

Do you remember a particular presentation that went really well . . . or really badly?

Share your stories in the comment section!

Advising Records (AdRx)

Are you using AdRx yet? The Advising Records system (AdRx) was designed to promote more efficient faculty and professional advising for all students on the IU campuses. AdRx allows you to access all advising resources in one place where you can edit profile information, change listed resources, view action items, and view a list of the students you advise. If you are using AdRx, be sure to review the videos, job aids, report information and tutorials here. There is also information on what’s new in AdRx.

Episode 81 – Collaborative Workshops at IUB

picture displays person holding laptops that says it2go

Indiana University: IT Training Tips Blog » Blog Archive » Episode 81 – Collaborative Workshops at IUB

On this episode, we talk about the new Collaborative Workshops at IUB!

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