How does Accessibility Affect You



Accessibility. This is definitely a word that you need to know. Indiana University is committed to providing accessible programs, as well as services, for its students, faculty, and staff in all departments. Making sure that your website, program, and documents can be read by all people with any form of disability is the key to making really accessible documents. You are allowing people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, speech, physical, learning, and neurological disabilities, to use the computer in an easier manner. However, even when you do not have a disability, designing accessible documents can still help you!

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7 Ways to Use Evernote in the Classroom

A title image that says "7 ways to use evernote in the classroom" with a man holding an iphone with the evernote app open

Evernote is amazing! Never heard of it? Well, basically it is a super charged note-taking/web clipping/thought organizing online application that lets you access all of your notes and information anytime and anywhere. Only a few weeks ago, Evernote made great changes to their web client. It allowed for a cleaner look, better navigation, and more opportunities for distraction-free writing. An application that is changing and evolving is a good application to be taking part in because you know that they are trying to be the best they can be and they are trying to accommodate all users. Here are seven ways you can use Evernote today: Read the rest of “7 Ways to Use Evernote in the Classroom” »

What is IUanyWare?


A title image that says "What is IUanyWare?"

The other day I was teaching an online workshop, and at the beginning of the class, the participants where asked in a survey “Are you using IUanyWare?” To my surprise, quite a few people answered “IUWhat?!” If you aren’t familiar with IUanyWare, then it’s time to get acquainted. I guarantee this powerful client will save you from download overload someday.

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One.IU: Making the Switch

one.iu Making the Switch

Are you prepared for retirement? Wait, I’m not talking 401ks–I mean the retirement of OneStart this October.

Get ready for OneStart’s replacement online directory One.IU with an overview from key members of the team. In the “One.IU: Making the Switch” webinar, presenters Eric Westfall and Ryan Vallow from the One.IU team explain how One.IU works and how to get the most out of the service.

Attend the next “One.IU: Making the Switch” webinar:

October 7  |  10 – 11 am  |  View details and register for next “One.IU: Making the Switch” webinar.

Or view a recording from a past webinar on this topic:

View the webinar recording for past “One.IU: Making the Switch” webinar.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • How One.IU is designed to work
  • How to find key navigation features in One.IU
  • How to view and launch tasks
  • How to create and manage favorites
  • How to set and manage filters and preferences
  • How to submit ratings and reviews

The following links are shared:

Follow-up questions are welcome. You can add a comment to this post or reach out to the One.IU team directly.

(Also, if you haven’t started thinking about your personal retirement, you might want to do that, too. You’re only 7? Still, get on it.)

Learn how to use and Pluralsight to grow your tech skills

Join IT Training for upcoming webinars on and Pluralsight

We will be hosting back-to-back webinars September 16, educating participants about two providers of video-based technology training, and Pluralsight. Register for one or both:’s award-winning library of more than 3,000 video-based courses is available to IU students, faculty, and staff on all campuses at no cost. Courses are offered on a wide range of Office and Adobe applications, web development, design, programming, soft skills and more. Visit

Pluralsight’s huge online training library is targeted to professional developers, IT admins, and creative artists. Access is available to all members of the statewide IU community for less than 20 percent of the retail cost. Visit

Questions? Contact us at or by phone at (812) 855-7383 or (317) 274-7383.

New to IU? Crash Course in IT Training Resources

Keep calm and get IT Training sign

Welcome, students! We know you’re finding classes, where to eat, and favorite spots to study (or nap).

As you get situated here at IU, we thought we’d round up a few of our best training resources for you about software and IT tools you might use this year.

These are a few recorded webinars from our staff you might want to take a look through:

We also provide more in-depth, free live (online or in-person) workshops on a broad range of IT topics, like Adobe and Microsoft programs and web authoring and publishing tools. View all instructor-led training events available this semester.

Want to learn at your own pace? Work through our workshop materials (login required for access) on your own. Or visit to get started using your free Lynda account through IU.

You can look through all of our options and decide what works best for you at

Looking forward to this year — we’re glad you’re here (or back, for our returning students)!


Even More Fun With Icons

even more fun with icons

This is the follow up to a post from several weeks ago on using a site called to incorporate snazzy icons in your design work. After all, we do seem to almost be moving back to a time of hieroglyphs (icons and emojis). Be prepared to speak this visual language using appropriate, meaningful icons. This usually means creating custom iconography to suit your communication.

In today’s post, I’ll show you how to use the built-in symbols in Illustrator to create custom icons. (Note: I’m using CS6 but this should translate to the latest CC pretty smoothly, also.)

In Illustrator, when you activate the default Web workspace in the upper right of the control panel,

web workspace

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Happy Birthday Windows 95!

While the Microsoft spotlight is squarely on Windows 10 and its release, let’s pause for a moment and wish Windows 95 a happy 20th birthday! While many of us cannot live without the today, Windows 95 was the first Microsoft operating system to use the task bar and start menu. If you’ve got an hour, check out this Windows 95 introduction, starring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry.

Things have come a long way in the last 20 years!

Is Smartphone Test Driving Smart?

Samsung ultimate test drive

A while ago, I ran a short series of tips on how to simplify your tech life. One of those tips was to pilot products–hardware or software–when you can, to see if it’s a fit before you commit.

Samsung agrees with that approach. The company recently introduced an “Ultimate Test Drive” promotion to allow iPhone owners to take a Galaxy smartphone for a spin for 30 days. The price? A whopping… one dollar.

I find this very interesting from a teaching and learning perspective. With this test drive program, Samsung is acknowledging that switching to a new phone is not easy for many people. In fact, for a lot of us, the thought can be overwhelming. Learning new hardware, a new user interface, and gaining new muscle memory introduces quite a large learning curve for people who are used to a certain way of working with their phones.

But for the first time in a long time, I’m tempted to see if 30 days will really convince me.

More on mobile:

IT Training and IT Community Partnerships recently held a couple of webinars on using key mobile apps here at IU. You can find those webinar recordings here:

If you’re interested in additional mobile app information/training to help you be successful in your IU work and/or studies, please leave a comment on this post or contact about topics you’d like to see us address.

Detox Your Online Life

Title image of a girl on a hammock using a computer under a magnolia tree

I live online! And I wouldn’t want it any other way. But sometimes it’s good to just step back and figure out what you really need in your life and what is just filling up your inbox and cluttering your bookmarks bar. About once a every three months I try to plan a media clean up. Think of it like a quarterly cleaning list just like you have for your house. I dust up the cluttered folders in my inbox, I run the sweeper over my overly crowded bookmarks bar, and I reorganize all of my social sites and dashboard tasks. Read the rest of “Detox Your Online Life” »