Get to know Canvas

IU Canvas Login Screen

IU’s online learning environment, Oncourse, is on its way out. Canvas is already here!

First, if you’ve used Oncourse in the past and have files stored in the Resources area, read this IU Knowledge Base document to find out how to move them. Your next step is learning how to use Canvas. In this post, I’ll point you to some resources that will help you do just that!

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What is the EdCert Program at IU?

Edcert: Education Certification Training Program Title Image

EdCert actually stands for Education Certification and is a UITS sponsored program. These courses are high-quality technical training courses that departments, technical staff, IU students and faculty can all take a part in. They are specifically targeted towards people who are interested in preparing for industry standard professional certification exams.

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Get the Most out of Word 2013

Microsoft Word Title Image

You can probably sit down, open Word 2013, and use it fairly proficiently. But why not bump up your skills from proficient to pretty awesome? Okay, pretty awesome might sound like too exciting a description when talking about word processing skills, but I’ve got to tell you that some of the things you can do in Word are actually pretty awesome. You can figure out how to do neat stuff in Word on your own by trial and error, using the help button, looking up tutorials on the Internet, or asking your friends. But wouldn’t it be easier to pop into an IT Training workshop or webinar and have a professional show you some of the software’s best secrets? If you like that idea, read on to find out what you can learn in our Word workshops.

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HTML: A beginner’s cheat sheet

A title image that says "HTML: A CHEAT SHEET FOR BEGINNERS

Any web page that you might visit using a web browser is almost always just some sort of coded document. There are multiple types of different coding languages that all function slightly different and are for different purposes. Most commonly though, any website you encounter will be written in Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML for short. Read the rest of “HTML: A beginner’s cheat sheet” »

SEO: A basic guide for mastering search engine optimization

Title image with a computer that says "SEO A Basics Guide"

Search Engine Optimization. What is it? And why is it important? These are questions that every blogger, website owner, and business should be asking. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.”

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Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Interface Overview

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 is available on IUware, IUanyWare, and also in the STC labs at IU!  However, with a new version of software often comes new interface features – and Adobe Creative Cloud is no different.  Don’t despair, though – I’ve recorded an introduction to the interfaces of the most commonly used Adobe Creative Cloud programs and brought them all together in the Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Interface Overview.  Come take a look at familiar programs like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver, and see how they look in the newest version of Creative Cloud!

Please note: For the best viewing experience, please use Firefox or Chrome.

Avidian’s Guide to Using Outlook

Avidian Technologies sells a product called Prophet, which is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software suite. Because Prophet works with Microsoft Outlook, Avidian offers a number of useful Outlook resources which are free to the masses. While there is some advertising included on their site, it is subtle and you are never forced to fill out any forms or give them any information.

The Ultimate Help Guide to Using Outlook provides tips and tricks for boosting productivity and streamlining tasks. It focuses on the “gold nuggets” in Outlook, or the 20 percent of features in Outlook that produce 80 percent of the most desired results.

This is a great resource for both novice and power users, and I love the website design. It is set up so that you can easily skim through the text and find exactly what you need. Step-by-step instructions are included in royal blue boxes that put me in mind of index cards, and you can also use the navigation bar on the left to move to a specific section.

Do you like to use keyboard shortcuts? In Chapter 7 of this guide you will find a table that contains many of the most common Outlook shortcuts. While this information is readily available on many other websites as well, Avidian’s infographics are so well done that you may want to hang some of them above your desk just for their aesthetic appeal!

Chapter 8 covers ways to find things faster in Outlook. Would you know how to use key words to search for all the Outlook items that arrived in your Inbox last week? What if you wanted to find all items from bobby that arrived on either 1/7/15 or 1/8/15, would you know how to combine search operators? If not, check out Chapter 8. I guarantee that you will learn something new.

Another Avidian website provides a long list of resources that should help you to solve almost any Outlook problem. There are books, blogs, tutorials, and plugins for almost every skill level and audience. Do you need a book that will help you study for a Microsoft Outlook MOS exam? Need to find a solution to a common Outlook integration problem? Want to know more about Outlook add-ins? Want to find out about the PeekYou function? Check out this website. It’s all here!

“We need to remove some older apps” error during Office 2016 installation

So you’re very keen to install and use the new Office 2016 suite on your PC? Please be certain to take a few moments before you do that, so you won’t unexpectedly see the error “We need to remove some older apps”:
Subtle error message prompting removal of Office 2013 stand-alone apps

Are you running any of the following standalone Office 2013 applications?
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Hello, One.IU

Hello, One.iu

Well, it’s official. OneStart has left the building! Welcome, One.IU.

Need help finding your way around?

Check out more online resources:

Security First launched this month

Security First website screenshot

We all know IT security is critically important in our information age. But do we know how to achieve it?

If you’re an IT professional at IU managing one or more sites, servers, or systems, there is a new service available to help you know and accomplish critical security best practices: Security First (

The best practices available on represent aggregate information from sources and policies such as IT-12, IT-28, DM-01, DM-02, HIPPA, UISO, and more. These practices will help you keep your systems and services secure. Plus, they will help you prepare for and pass IT security audits.

Several best practices are also featured in instructional videos in the Security First Training Series. View available videos in the series on IU’s mediaspace or on

Security First launched this month as a partnership among the University’s security office, policy office, and several technology services units, including IT Training. Check back regularly on for new video tutorials, resources, and information related to IT security at IU.

And while you’re there, visit the Contact page and provide your feedback about the initiative so far.