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Use lynda to learn and to teach!

All IU faculty, staff, and students can access more than 2,000 video-based courses from at no charge. UITS IT Training is co-hosting a free webinar with to help you get the most out of your experience. Learn how to bookmark your favorite courses, create playlists of courses and videos that you can share with your colleagues or students, track your progress across all courses, earn course certificates, and more.

  • What: “Personalize Your Learning with” webinarlynda_logo1Y-P_1x1
  • Where: Online via Adobe Connect
  • When: Wednesday, September 24, 1-2pm

Read the description and register >>


next.iu decision: IU chooses Canvas

To keep Oncourse, or not to keep Oncourse, that was the question…

…and now we have an answer. Over the next two years, Indiana University will be transitioning away from Oncourse as our learning management system (or LMS, for those who like acronyms and abbreviations), in favor of a new LMS called Canvas. Canvas is offered by a company named Instructure, and as we at IU start moving over, we’ll have a series on this blog detailing some of the neat new features that Canvas has to offer.

Ready to learn more about Canvas? Try these links to start with:

Perhaps some of these features will lead you to switch your course management to Canvas long before Oncourse is retired.  I know once I saw the Calendar tool, I was a huge fan. More to come!

it2go Episode 60 – LyndaCampus In-Depth

In this episode, we’re digging into the new features of LyndaCampus.

it2go – The IT Training Podcast

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Choosing a Video Player in lyndaCampus

If you watched the lyndaCampus information video, or attended the Personalize your Learning with Webinar, you know that you can choose your preferred video player for watching lynda content. If you’re not sure which player to use, keep reading.

There are four players available on lyndaCampus:  Flash, QuickTime Standard, QuickTime Custom, and Windows Media. You can choose a player (after you’ve logged in to lynda) by going to My Account and then Site Preferences. You’ll see a list of available players and their features. Just lick the radio button next to the player you want to use and click UpdateRead the rest of “Choosing a Video Player in lyndaCampus” »

Episode 58 – lyndaCampus is here!

In this episode, we’re making a huge announcement!

Welcome to lyndaCampus!

it2go – The IT Training Podcast

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Join Us For Day Wednesday Feb 29th(IUB) and Thursday March 1st(IUPUI)

Join us at day in Bloomington (Feb. 29th) or IUPUI (Mar. 1) and learn how to maximize your lynda eLearning experience! Take advantage of the opportunity to:

  • Attend a workshop that will teach you how you can integrate content into your academic course delivery
  • Learn how you can get the most out of your personal lynda learning experience
  • Speak with’s usability experts about your favorite features and areas you think can be improved
  • Learn about key features and best practices for using lynda’s online training library representatives will be available to speak with at the following times and locations:

  • Wednesday, Feb. 29, Noon – 5pm in the Wells Library lobby (IU Bloomington)
  • Thursday, Mar. 1, 9am – Noon in the Campus Center lobby (IUPUI)

As part of these events, IU faculty and IT Training staff will present a special session titled Integrate Content into your Academic Course. You will learn why you might want to integrate content into your academic course and get ideas for a number of different ways you can do it. Additionally, lynda representative Jen Jortner will be presenting Tips and Tricks for Using online and in-person at IUPUI. Take this session to learn how you can get the most out of your learning experience.

Registration for both sessions is free. You can read descriptions, dates and times of these sessions and register online!

Questions? Contact us!

Check out our offerings here.

lynda has improved her look!

Easier ways to search has not only changed its appearance, but has added enhancements to its search features.

The new interface allows you to search lynda’s library of training videos by choosing the subject, the software, or the author of the topic you are looking for:

Read the rest of “lynda has improved her look!” »

Updated iOS app for

Based on the most recent statistics, the training offerings appear to be rather popular with the IU community. And they have made another change recently that is likely to only make it easier for those who use an iOS-based device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) to get to their fine work…

The app [free!] available in the iTunes Store now works with the IU login method.

Using it is very easy:
1. Install the free app on your iOS device.
2. Open the free app, and push the “login” button.
3. In the login screen, flick toward the bottom, so you see the “web portal access” button, and push it.
4. In the URL field, enter the URL for the IU training portal:
and be certain the “Remember this URL” switch is ON, then push the blue Go button.

You’ll be prompted for your CAS Authentication information (your IU username and passphrase), and once you type that in properly, you’ll be whisked away into the training library! agreement extended!

IT Training & Education is pleased to announce that our agreement with to provide their video training library and exercise files to IU students, faculty and staff has been extended. We’ll have a full announcement later on, but we wanted to assure our users that they could continue to access the content past the original end date, which was June 30th.

So enjoy the content, and we’ll have more information soon.

You can access the content here: pilot extended to June 30th, 2010

After all the great feedback we received from the IU community, the decision was made to extend the pilot to June 30th of 2010.  That means that the IU community gets an extra 6 months of free access.

So please keep using the service and let us know how it works for you!

Check out for more information and to log in.

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