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Episode 81 – Collaborative Workshops at IUB

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Indiana University: IT Training Tips Blog » Blog Archive » Episode 81 – Collaborative Workshops at IUB

On this episode, we talk about the new Collaborative Workshops at IUB!

it2go – The IT Training Podcast

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Episode 79 – New Teaching Space at Wells Library

On this week’s episode, we talk about the new learning space in the library

it2go – The IT Training Podcast

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it2go – Episode 78 – Denise tells us what’s going on at IUPUI

On this week’s episode, we’re talking with Denise about what’s going on at IUPUI

it2go – The IT Training Podcast

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it2go – Episode 77 – Andy’s IT Training Career

On this week’s episode, we’re talking about Andy’s career with IT Training as we bid him a fond farewell.

it2go – The IT Training Podcast

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Need training for your class? Request it!

It can be hard to teach effectively if your students don’t have the basic technology skills they need.

Did you know that IT Training can provide workshops specifically for your class? All you need to do is ask. Most of our workshops are available for special request, which means we can teach your class (or any group of 10 or more IU faculty/staff/students) either in our classroom, online, or in another location that will accommodate your group. How much does it cost? Nothing!

Just go to at least 3 weeks ahead of time, and start by choosing your desired workshop from the drop-down list. Options include Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access; Adobe software like Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver; Web skills like page design and HTML/CSS; and much, much more. We can even help your students create ePortfolios in Oncourse, or get them oriented to our new learning management system, Canvas.

If your class or group needs a training workshop, request it and we’ll offer it just for you.


Daily Chuckle

…heard a good one on the way to work this morning, and I thought others might enjoy it, too.

Why didn’t they call iPhone chargers “apple juice?”   

Poll Your Audience – No Clickers Needed

Last October, at the Statewide IT Conference in Bloomington, Brad Wheeler, one of the best presenters that I have ever had the privilege of watching, took questions from the crowd via Smartphone. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but yesterday, when I saw an advertisement for a new cloud-based application called, I wondered if that was what Brad had used during his presentation.

I decided to check out this application to see if it might be useful for the trainers in our department.

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Happy Birthday, World Wide Web!

Looking for something to celebrate today? If so, you’re in luck, because today is the 25th birthday of the world wide web.

Birthday Cake

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Create a Spread Guide in InDesign


Ruler clipart

Have you ever tried to set a single Ruler Guide across a two-page spread in InDesign– and been frustrated in the effort?  A Ruler Guide that extends across a spread is called a Spread Guide. To create one, set the view so you can see the Pasteboard and then drag the guide out across the pasteboard instead of across the printable area. Viola–it extends all the way across the spread. If you are zoomed in, hold the Ctrl key while you drag.

To place a copy of a Ruler Guide or Spread Guide on other pages, point to the guide and right-click when you see the cursor change. In the right-click menu, choose Copy. On following pages, from the Menu bar, choose Edit, and Paste in Place.

Remember also that you can only see Ruler and Spread Guides in Normal view.


Automate Photoshop tasks–Create a Droplet or an Action

Are there tasks you find yourself doing again and again in Photoshop? To spare yourself some time and exasperation, you can create a Photoshop Droplet. The Droplet is a little application consisting of a set of Photoshop tasks that  you create and which sits on your desktop. You run the application by dragging a file on top of the Droplet icon.

Here’s how to create a Photoshop Droplet:

For more complex chores, you can also create Photoshop Actions and run them on batches of files.

First, create an Action: (This set of instructions includes some free predefined actions for optional download)

Then, run your action on a batch of files:


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