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Episode 54 – Cascade Server

This episode got delayed by the holidays, and the workshops discussed have already occurred, but we will be offering this training again in the spring, so enjoy this episode about our Cascade Server training.

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The Green Bar of Go: Creating Contextual Structure Using XSLT

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Context Sensitive Navigation
One of the questions that I get asked a lot while teaching the Cascade Server: Site Managers workshop is how to control how hyperlinks are displayed, i.e. using a different style than the default for the current page’s link.

In today’s installment of The Green Bar of Go, we will be discussing a simple technique that will create exactly that effect.

As an example site, I will be using the same site used in our Cascade Server: Contributors, Approvers, and Publishers workshop.


The Green Bar of Go: Hannon Hill Velocity Webinar

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Welcome to another edition of The Green Bar of Go Cascade Server column. Recently Hannon Hill hosted a webinar to introduce a different way of transforming XML to other configurations in Cascade Server, Velocity scripts. Velocity is a procedural language, so it might be easier for some to use than XSLT.

Check out the webinar here.

The Green Bar of Go: Gazing Into the Future of WCMS at IU

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Welcome to another edition of The Green Bar of Go Cascade Server column. In this column, I’m going to discuss briefly some of the new features coming in the latest version of Cascade Server, Cascade Server 6.4. If you’re involved with WCMS at IU, you’ve been using Cascade Server 5.7.5, so as you can imagine, the switch to 6.4 will be pretty substantial.

For a list of the biggest features and a link to the Hannon Hill webinar demonstrating the features, continue reading after the jump.


The Green Bar of Go: Using External Links

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In this installment of The Green Bar of Go, I’ll be discussing a feature of Cascade Server we don’t cover in our workshops, the External Link.

An External Link is an indexed asset that points to a web page outside of Cascade Server. Any link that is not a page within your site should be turned into an external link. This not only allows you to place them into a dynamically generated navigation, but also makes it easier to manage the URLs if they should change.

Take a look after the jump to see how these are used.

The Green Bar of Go: Asset Factory Plugins

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Welcome to the second installment of The Green Bar of Go. In this post, I will discuss how to use a part of Cascade Server not covered in the Cascade Server: Site Managers workshop: Asset Factory Plugins. Asset Factory Plugins are a way for Site Managers to create Asset Factories that will perform specific tasks when a user submits the form. For example, when a Page Asset Factory (like our new page factory from the workshop) is submitted, if the user forgets to change the system name, Cascade Server will change the name automatically to an SEO compliant name.

This post will explain what the built-in Plugins do and how to use one of them. Check it out after the jump!

The Green Bar of Go: A Cascade Server Blog Column

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This is the first of what will be a regularly appearing column on the IT Training Tips blog.  The focus of this column will be to convey tips and tricks concerning IU’s newly purchased WCMS. This week, being the first edition, is going to be pretty brief.

For those of you who are wondering what Cascade Server does, this column probably isn’t for you, but I will at least tell you that Cascade Server is a Web Content Management System produced and sold by the Hannon Hill company in Atlanta Georgia.

For more information about how Indiana University is using Cascade Server, check out the Web Content Management Initiative site:


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