it2go – Episode 78 – Denise tells us what’s going on at IUPUI

On this week’s episode, we’re talking with Denise about what’s going on at IUPUI

it2go – The IT Training Podcast

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Phishing Scam: Your outlook app has exceeded the quota…

Last week a large number of IU/IUPUI students, staff, and faculty members received an email stating that their Outlook account had exceeded its storage quota. Recipients were instructed to click on a link in the email to upgrade their mailbox for continual usage. While many of us receive messages like this on a regular basis, this one may have fooled more people than usual, because it appeared as if it was from a real IU employee.

Do you know how to identify a fake email? Here are a few pointers from the Security Office:

  • No one at IU should ask for your university passphrase or login credentials by email or over the phone.
  • If you get an email or pop-up message that asks for personal or financial information, don’t reply — and don’t click on the link or call the number provided, either (instead use official contact details).
  • Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software, plus a firewall, and update them all regularly.
  • Never email passphrases, personal, or financial information.
  • Be cautious about opening any attachment or downloading any files from emails you receive, regardless of who sent them.
  • Never click on a link in an email whose author you do not know.

If you get an email that looks like it came from IU but asks for sensitive info, report it immediately to the University Information Policy Office at or contact the Support Center. Please be sure to include the full email headers (for details, see the IU Knowledge Base).


Learn how not to get hooked by phishing scams — and what to do if you accidentally provide info to scammers — at Protect IU.

Build an inexpensive conference room

Do you need to build an inexpensive, small conference room to meet with colleagues at other campuses or around the world? Consider starting with the Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e. With this all-in-one solution, you’ll get a pan-tilt-zoom camera and table-top speakerphone that can be used with all of your favorite Windows and Macintosh conferencing software, including Adobe Connect, IU’s Video Bridge, and Microsoft Lync.

The UITS Collaboration Technologies group have evaluated the CC3000e and have it set up in a conference room in our Wells Library (room 305, west tower) location. Call our Help Desk to schedule some time to see the room in action and to consult with our collaboration experts!

UITS Collaboration Technologies
Microsoft Lync: CTHELP

Use Adobe Connect for online meetings

Do you need to conduct online meetings, classes, or webinars? Try IU’s Adobe Connect service. Create your own customized virtual meeting space. Use your computer’s camera and microphone to communicate with your audience while sharing your slides or desktop. Attendees can use text chat to communicate or you can grant them permission to use their cameras and microphones. For more on IU’s Adobe Connect service, see the UITS Collaboration Technologies Web site.

For help with IU’s Adobe Connect service, contact the Collaboration Technologies Help Desk (812-856-2020,

it2go – Episode 77 – Andy’s IT Training Career

On this week’s episode, we’re talking about Andy’s career with IT Training as we bid him a fond farewell.

it2go – The IT Training Podcast

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Use lynda to learn and to teach!

All IU faculty, staff, and students can access more than 2,000 video-based courses from at no charge. UITS IT Training is co-hosting a free webinar with to help you get the most out of your experience. Learn how to bookmark your favorite courses, create playlists of courses and videos that you can share with your colleagues or students, track your progress across all courses, earn course certificates, and more.

  • What: “Personalize Your Learning with” webinarlynda_logo1Y-P_1x1
  • Where: Online via Adobe Connect
  • When: Wednesday, September 24, 1-2pm

Read the description and register >>


Quick Outlook Tip

Auto Reminder to Attach that Document!

How many times have you sent or received a message in Outlook that promised an attachment, but the attachment wasn’t there!

Well, Outlook has an option to help us.

If you write a message in Outlook and mention the word “attach” or “attachment” in the body, but you forget to actually attach the file, you will get this message:


From here you can choose to send the message without the attachment, or choose “Don’t Send” so that you can get that document attached!

Free Training from Adobe

Just received an email today about two free training opportunities from Adobe.

Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society is a webinar on September 17th at 4pm EDT. Learn how to prepare students to participate in a more creative society in this webinar, presented by Mitch Resnik of the MIT Media lab. For more information, go to:

If you are wanting to build your first website, or help students create one of their own, check out this two-week online Muse CC immersive boot camp.  Learn how to design sites for web, mobile and tablet. The course starts on October 10th. Learn more at:

Oh and by the way, if you are part of the IU community, you have access to Muse CC through IUanyWare.

Free Training! Box Power User Essentials

The folks at Box are offering free registration for their Power User Essentials course through the end of this week. From Box:

Our Box Education team has been hard at work designing new courses.  We’d like to give you the chance to try them out.  Starting today and through next week [Sept 19th], we’re offering free registration for:

Power User Essentials:

To sign up, please visit this link: and enter the code.

Code for Power User Essentials: P0werUser!

Note: That is a zero in the code, exclamation mark required.

I signed up and you should too!

Saving Search Criteria

In any component in the SIS you can save common search criteria, give them names, and reuse them anytime you enter that component. Saved Search is different from setting defaults in that you can have multiple saved searches. Component search pages are by default set to Advanced Search. At the bottom of the search page is a button for Basic Search and a button for Save Search Criteria. Enter the fields you want to save and click Save Search Criteria. For example: If you assign class permissions for both undergraduate and graduate students, you might enter the Institution, Term and Undergraduate for the Career, click Save Search Criteria. When prompted, enter a name for the search and click Save. Then click Return to Advanced Search. Do this again for Graduate. You now have two saved searched for Class Permissions. Whenever you enter this component again, click the dropdown arrow beside Use Saved Search and select the search criteria you want to use.


You can use different criteria in different components. There is no limit to how many named searches you save in any given component.